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105 Motor Speedway CLEVELAND TX USA DO 0.2500
106 Race Park PEMBROKE NH USA PO 0.2500
141 Speedway MARIBEL WI USA PO 0.2500
191 Speedway CAMPTOWN KY USA DO 0.3125
201 Speedway PAINTSVILLE KS USA DO 0.2500
24 Raceway MOBERLY MO USA DO 0.4000
250 Speedway CADIZ OH USA DO 0.3750
281 Speedway STEPHENVILLE TX USA DO 0.2500
311 Fastrack MADISON NC USA DO 0.5000
35 Raceway Park FRANKFORT OH USA DO 0.2000
411 Motor Speedway SEYMOUR TN USA DO 0.3750
441 Speedway DUBLIN GA USA DO 0.3750
A-1 Raceway LACOMBE LA USA DO 0.3750
ABC Raceway ASHLAND WI USA DO 0.3750
Abilene Speedway ABILENE TX USA DO 0.2500
Accord Speedway ACCORD NY USA DO 0.2500
Ace Speedway ALTAMAHAW NC USA PO 0.4000
Adams County Speedway CORNING IA USA DO 0.5000
Adelaide Grand Prix Circuit ADELAIDE AUSTRALIA TSC 2.3490
Adelaide International ADELAIDE AUSTRALIA RC 1.4980
Adelaide V8 Supercar Circuit ADELAIDE AUSTRALIA TSC 2.0000
Adirondack International Speedway LOWVILLE NY USA PO 0.5000
Adria International Raceway ADRIA ITALY RC 1.6790
Afton Motor Speedway AFTON NY USA DO 0.3750
Agassiz Speedway AGASSIZ BC CDN PO 0.2500
Aguascalientes AGUASCALIENTES MEXICO RC 2.5500
Airborne Speedway PLATTSBURGH NY USA PO 0.5000
Airport Raceway GARDEN CITY KS USA DO 0.2000
Airport Speedway NEW CASTLE DE USA DO 0.1250
Alastaro VIRTAA FINLAND RC 1.8640
Albacete Club Circuit ALBACETE SPAIN RC 0.8300
Albacete Grand Prix Circuit ALBACETE SPAIN RC 2.2360
Albacete Short Circuit ALBACETE SPAIN RC 1.3900
Albany Motor Speedway ALBANY GA USA DO 0.2500
Albany-Saratoga Speedway MALTA NY USA PO 0.4000
Ales en Cevennes Speed Circuit ST MARTIN FRANCE RC 1.2430
Ales en Cevennes Technical Circuit ST MARTIN FRANCE RC 1.5540
Alexandria Viking Speedway ALEXANDRIA MN USA DO 0.5000
Algona Raceway ALGONA IA USA DO 0.4000
All American Speedway ROSEVILLE CA USA PO 0.2500
All Star Speedway EPPING NH USA PO 0.2500
Allegany Cunty Speedway CUMBERLAND MD USA DO 0.6250
Alleghany Mountain Raceway KANE PA USA DO 0.3333
Allen County Memorial Expo Center FORT WAYNE IN USA PO 0.1250
Altus Speedway ALTUS OK USA PO 0.3330
American Valley Speedway QUINCY CA USA DO 0.3750
Anderson Motor Speedway ANDERSON SC USA PO 0.3750
Anderson Speedway ANDERSON IN USA PO 0.2500
Anderstorp ANDERSTORP SWEDEN RC 2.5010
Angell Park Speedway SUN PRAIRIE WI USA DO 0.3333
Anglesey Circuit International GP TY CROES ANGLESEY WALES UK RC 2.1000
Anglesey Circuit Coastal Circuit TY CROES ANGLESEY WALES UK RC 1.5500
Anglesey Circuit National Circuit TY CROES ANGLESEY WALES UK RC 1.5500
Anglesey Circuit Club Circuit TY CROES ANGLESEY WALES UK RC 0.8000
Angola Motor Speedway ANGOLA IN USA PO 0.3750
Antioch Speedway ANTIOCH CA USA DO 0.2500
Antioch Speedway MORGANTON NC USA DO 0.5000
Arctic Circle Raceway MO I RANA NORWAY RC 2.3320
Arizona Motorsports Park PHOENIX AZ USA RC 2.2500
Arkansas Motor Speedway MURFREESBORO AR USA DO 0.3750
Ark-La-Tex Speedway VIVIAN LA USA DO 0.3750
Arlington Raceway ARLINGTON MN USA DO 0.5000
Arroyo Seco Motorplex LAS CRUCES NM USA RC 1.4000
Atlanta Motor Speedway HAMPTON GA USA PO 1.5000
Atlanta Motor Speedway HAMPTON GA USA RC 2.5000
Atlanta Motorsports Park DAWSONVILLE GA USA RC 2.7700
Atlantic City Boardwalk Hall ATLANTIC CITY NJ USA PO 0.1250
Atomic Motor Raceway ATOMIC CITY ID USA DO 0.3333
Attica Raceway Park ATTICA OH USA DO 0.3333
Auburndale Speedway WINTER HAVEN FL USA PO 0.2500
Auto City Speedway FLINT MI USA PO 0.5000
Auto Clearing Motor Speedway SASKATOON SK CDN PO 0.3750
Auto Club Speedway FONTANA CA USA PO 2.0000
Auto Club Speedway FONTANA CA USA RC 1.5000
Auto Club Speedway FONTANA CA USA RC 2.8000
Autobahn Country Club JOLIET IL USA RC 1.5000
Autobahn Country Club JOLIET IL USA RC 2.2000
Autobahn Country Club JOLIET IL USA RC 3.6000
Autodrome Budweiser BAS ST LAURENT QUE CDN DO 0.2000
Autodrome Chaudiere VALLEE JONCTION QUE CDN PO 0.3333
Autodrome Drummond DRUMMONDVILLE QUE CDN DO 0.2500
Autodrome East Broughton EAST BROUGHTON QUE CDN DO 0.3333
Autodrome Edelweiss CANTLEY QUE CDN DO 0.2500
Autodrome Granby GRANBY QUE CDN DO 0.5000
Autodrome Montmagny MONTMAGNY QUE CDN DO 0.2000
Autodrome Montmagny MONTMAGNY QUE CDN PO 0.3750
Autodrome St Eustache ST EUSTACHE QUE CDN PO 0.4000
Autodrome St Eustache ST EUSTACHE QUE CDN RC 1.2000
Autodrome St Felicien ST FELICIEN QUE CDN PO 0.5000
Autodrome St Felicien ST FELICIEN QUE CDN RC 1.0000
Autopolis Grand Prix Circuit OITA JAPAN RC 2.9040
Autopolis Lakeside Circuit OITA JAPAN RC 1.0940
Autopolis Short Circuit OITA JAPAN RC 1.8780
Avenger Motor Speedway GREENVILLE AL USA DO 0.4000
Avondale Speedway AVONDALE NF CDN DO 0.1250
Aztec Speedway AZTEC NM USA DO 0.3750
Badlands Motorsports Resort CALGARY AB CDN RC 4.4000
Baer Field Speedway FORT WAYNE IN USA PO 0.5000
Bakersfield Raceway Park LINTON IN USA DO 0.2000
Bakersfield Speedway OILDALE CA USA DO 0.3333
Barber Motorsports Park BIRMINGHAM AL USA RC 2.3800
Barberton Speedway BARBERTON OH USA PO 0.2500
Barona Speedway RAMONA CA USA DO 0.2500
Barrie Speedway BARRIE ON CDN PO 0.3333
Batesville Motor Speedway BATESVILLE AR USA DO 0.3750
Baton Rouge Raceway BATON ROUGE LA USA DO 0.3750
Battle Mountain Raceway BATTLE MOUNTAIN NV USA DO 0.5000
Battleground Speedway HIGHLAND TX USA DO 0.3750
Bear Creek Raceway DOBSON NC USA DO 0.2500
Bear Ridge Speedway BRADFORD VT USA DO 0.2500
Beatrice Speedway BEATRICE NE USA DO 0.3750
Beaver Dam Raceway/Charter Raceway Park BEAVER DAM WI USA DO 0.3333
Beaverun Motorsports Complex WAMPUM PA USA RC 1.6000
Beckley Motorsports Park BECKLEY WV USA DO 0.3750
Bedford Speedway BEDFORD PA USA DO 0.5000
Beebe Speedway BEEBE AR USA DO 0.2500
Beech Bend Raceway Park BOWLING GREEN KY USA PO 0.3333
Beech Ridge Motor Speedway SCARBOROUGH ME USA PO 0.3333
Belle Clair Speedway BELLEVILLE IL USA DO 0.2000
Belleville High Banks BELLEVILLE KS USA DO 0.5000
Benton County Speedway VINTON IA USA DO 0.2500
Benton Race Park BENTON MO USA DO 0.3750
Berlin Raceway MARNE MI USA PO 0.4375
Bethel Motor Speedway WHITE LAKE NY USA PO 0.2500
Big Country Speedway CHEYENNE WY USA PO 0.2500
Big Diamond Raceway MINERSVILLE PA USA DO 0.3750
Black Hills Speedway RAPID CITY SD USA DO 0.5000
Black Rock Speedway DUNDEE NY USA DO 0.4000
Blackhawk Farms Raceway ROCKTON IL USA RC 1.9000
Blanket Hill Speedway KITTANING PA USA DO 0.2000
Bloomington Speedway BLOOMINGTON IN USA DO 0.2500
Bluegrass Motorsports Club SPARTA KY USA RC 2.5000
Bluegrass Speedway BARDSTOWN KY USA DO 0.5000
BMP Speedway BILLINGS MT USA DO 0.3750
Bojangles Coliseum CHARLOTTE NC USA PO 0.1000
Bolivar Speedway BOLIVAR MO USA PO 0.3750
Bondurant Racing School CHANDLER AZ USA RC 1.1000
Boone County Raceway ALBION NE USA DO 0.3750
Boone Speedway BOONE IA USA DO 0.3750
Boothill Speedway GREENWOOD LA USA DO 0.4375
Borger’s Speedway SAYLORSBURG PA USA DO 0.1429
Botniaring Grand Prix Circuit KURIKKA FINLAND RC 1.6270
Botniaring Oval KURIKKA FINLAND RC 1.0410
Bowman Gray Stadium WINSTON-SALEM NC USA PO 0.2500
Boyd Raceway BOYD TX USA DO 0.2500
Boyds Speedway RINGGOLD GA USA DO 0.3333
Bradford Speedway BRADFORD PA USA DO 0.2500
Brainerd International Raceway BRAINERD MN USA RC 2.5000
Brainerd International Raceway BRAINERD MN USA RC 3.0000
Brands Hatch GP Circuit LONGFIELD KENT UK RC 2.3010
Brands Hatch Indy Circuit LONGFIELD KENT UK RC 1.1980
Brasilia Piquet BRASILIA BRAZIL RC 3.4020
Bremerton Motorsports Park BREMERTON WA USA RC 1.0000
Brewerton Speedway BREWERTON NY USA DO 0.3750
Bridge County Raceway LETHBRIDGE AB CDN DO 0.3750
Bridgeport Speedway BRIDGEPORT NJ USA DO 0.6250
Brighton Speedway BRIGHTON ON CDN DO 0.3333
Brill’s Motor Speedway MEEKER OK USA DO 0.3750
Bristol Motor Speedway BRISTOL TN USA PO 0.5330
Brockville Ontario Speedway BROCKVILLE ON CDN DO 0.3750
Brooklyn Raceway BROOKLYN IA USA DO 0.2000
Brown County Speedway RUSSELLVILLE OH USA DO 0.2500
Brown County Speedway ABERDEEN SD USA DO 0.3333
Brownstown Speedway BROWNSTOWN IN USA DO 0.2500
Brushcreek Motorsports Complex PEEBLES OH USA DO 0.3750
Buena Vista Raceway ALTA IA USA DO 0.3750
Buffalo River Race Park MOORHEAD MN USA DO 0.2500
Bullwinkle’s Raceway MOOSEHEAD JUNCTION ME USA DO 0.2500
Butler County Motorplex RISING CITY NE USA DO 0.3750
Butler Motor Speedway BUTLER MO USA DO 0.3750
Butler Speedway QUINCY MI USA DO 0.3750
Buttonwillow Raceway Park BUTTONWILLOW CA USA RC 3.1000
Cadwell Park Club Circuit LOUTH LINCOLNSHIRE UK RC 1.4810
Cadwell Park Full Circuit LOUTH LINCOLNSHIRE UK RC 2.1730
Cadwell Park Woodlands Circuit LOUTH LINCOLNSHIRE UK RC 0.7120
Calabogie Motorsports Park CALABOGIE ON CDN RC 3.0500
Calder Combined Circuit VICTORIA AUSTRALIA RC 2.6200
Calder Long Course VICTORIA AUSTRALIA RC 1.4170
Calder Short Course VICTORIA AUSTRALIA RC 1.0000
Calder Thunderdome VICTORIA AUSTRALIA PO 1.1190
Calhoun County Speedway ROCKWELL CITY IA USA DO 0.2500
Calistoga Speedway CALISTOGA CA USA DO 0.5000
Callaway Raceway FULTON MO USA DO 0.2500
Calumet County Speedway CHILTON WI USA DO 0.2500
Camden Motor Speedway CAMDEN TN USA DO 0.3750
Canaan Dirt Speedway CANAAN NH USA DO 0.2500
Canaan Fair Speedway CANAAN NH USA PO 0.3330
Can-Am Motorsports Park LaFARGEVILLE NY USA DO 0.5000
Canandaigua Speedway CANANDAIGUA NY USA DO 0.5000
Caney Valley Speedway CANEY KS USA DO 0.2500
Cannonball Motor Speedway MORRISTOWN OH USA DO 0.3750
Canyon Speedway Park PEORIA AZ USA DO 0.3750
Capital City Speedway OTTAWA ON CDN PO 0.3750
Capitol Speedway WILLOW AK USA DO 0.3750
Caprara Thunder Alley Speedpark EVANS MILLS NY USA DO 0.3750
Caraway Speedway ASHEBORO NC USA PO 0.4550
Carlton County Fairgrounds BARNUM MN USA DO 0.2500
Carolina Motorsports Park KERSHAW SC USA RC 2.3000
Carolina Speedway GASTONIA NC USA DO 0.4000
Carolina Speedway LAKE VIEW SC USA DO 0.3750
Cascavel CASCAVEL BRAZIL RC 1.8800
Casino Speedway WATERTOWN SD USA DO 0.3750
Casper Speedway CASPER WY USA DO 0.5000
Castrol Raceway EDMONTON AB CDN DO 0.3750
Catalunya BARCELONA SPAIN RC 2.8750
Cayuga County Fair Speedway WEEDSPORT NY USA DO 0.3750
Cedar County Speedway TIPTON IA USA DO 0.2500
Cedar County Speedway HARTINGTON NE USA DO 0.2500
Cedar Lake Speedway NEW RICHMOND WI USA DO 0.3333
Centerville Super Speedway CENTERVILLE AR USA DO 0.2500
Central Alabama Motor Speedway CLANTON AL USA DO 0.3750
Central Alberta Raceways RIMBEY AB CDN DO 0.3750
Central Florida Racing Complex ORLANDO FL USA RC 1.0000
Central Mississippi Speedway WINONA MS USA DO 0.3000
Central Missouri Speedway WARRENSBURG MO USA DO 0.3750
Central Pennsylvania Speedway CLEARFIELD PA USA DO 0.3750
Central Wisconsin Speedway UNITY WI USA DO 0.3333
Centre for Speed SHEDIAC NB CDN DO 0.3750
Champion Motor Speedway ODESSA TX USA DO 0.3750
Champion Park Speedway HAUGHTON LA USA DO 0.2500
Chandler Motor Speedway CHANDLER IN USA DO 0.3750
Charlotte County Motorsports Park PUNTA GORDA FL USA PO 0.3750
Charlotte Motor Speedway CHARLOTTE NC USA PO 1.5000
Charlotte Motor Speedway CHARLOTTE NC USA RC 2.5000
Charlotte Motor Speedway Dirt Track CHARLOTTE NC USA DO 0.4000
Charlotte Motor Speedway Legends Track CHARLOTTE NC USA PO 0.2500
Chateau Raceway AUSTIN MN USA DO 0.3333
Chemung Speedrome CHEMUNG NY USA PO 0.3750
Cherokee Speedway GAFFNEY SC USA DO 0.3750
Cherry Raceway FIFE LAKE MI USA DO 0.3750
Chicagoland Speedway JOLIET IL USA PO 1.5000
Chowchilla Speedway CHOWCHILLA CA USA DO 0.3333
Circuit Gilles Villeneuve MONTREAL QUE CDN RC 2.7747
Circuit Mont Tremblant MONT TREMBLANT QUE CDN RC 2.6500
Circuit Riverside Speedway STE CROIX QUE CDN PO 0.6250
Citrus County Speedway INVERNESS FL USA PO 0.3750
Clarksville Speedway CLARKSVILLE TN USA DO 0.2500
Clary’s Speedway BRINKLEYVILLE NC USA DO 0.3000
Clay County Fairgrounds SPENCER IA USA DO 0.3750
Clay County Fairgrounds CLAY COUNTY KS USA DO 0.2000
Clay County Speedway FLORA IL USA DO 0.3333
Clayhill Motorsports ATWOOD TN USA DO 0.3750
Cleveland County Speedway LAWNDALE NC USA DO 0.4000
Cleveland Speedway CLEVELAND TN USA DO 0.3333
Clinton County Raceway LOCK HAVEN PA USA DO 0.3333
Clinton County Speedway http://www.clintoncountyspeedway ALPHA KY USA DO 0.3125
Clinton Motorsports Park CLINTON OK USA DO 0.3750
Cloud County Fairgrounds CONCORDIA KS USA DO 0.2500
Clyde Martin Memorial Speedway NEWMANSTOWN PA USA DO 0.2000
Coastal Plains Raceway Park JACKSONVILLE NC USA PO 0.4000
Cochran Motor Speedway COCHRAN GA USA DO 0.3750
Coles County Speedway MATTOON IL USA DO 0.1250
Colorado Motorsports Park BYERS CO USA DO 0.3750
Colorado National Speedway DACONO CO USA PO 0.3750
Columbus 151 Speedway COLUMBUS WI USA PO 0.2500
Columbus Motor Speedway COLUMBUS OH USA PO 0.3333
Columbus Speedway COLUMBUS MS USA DO 0.3000
Concord Motorsport Park CONCORD NC USA PO 0.5000
Concord Motorsport Park CONCORD NC USA PO 0.2500
Conway County Super Speedway PLUMERSVILLE AR USA DO 0.2500
Coos Bay Speedway COOS BAY OR USA DO 0.3750
CORA Speedway DIXON CA USA DO 0.2000
Corbin Speedway CORBIN KY USA DO 0.2500
Cornwall Motor Speedway CORNWALL ON CDN DO 0.2500
Corpus Christi Speedway CORPUS CHRISTI TX USA PO 0.2500
Cottage Grove Speedway COTTAGE GROVE OR USA DO 0.2500
County Line Raceway ELM CITY NC USA DO 0.3750
Cowan Civic Center LEBANON MO USA DO 0.1000
Cowtown Speedway KENNEDALE TX USA DO 0.2500
Crawford County Speedway VAN BUREN AR USA DO 0.3750
Crawford County Speedway DENISON IA USA DO 0.6250
Creek County Speedway KELLYVILLE OK USA DO 0.2500
Cresco Speedway CRESCO IA USA DO 0.4000
Croix en Ternois TERNOIS FRANCE RC 1.1800
Crossville Raceway CROSSVILLE TN USA DO 0.3333
Crowley Ridge Raceway PARAGOULD AR USA DO 0.2500
Crystal Motor Speedway CRYSTAL MI USA DO 0.3750
Curitiba Boesel PARANA BRAZIL RC 2.3040
Custer County Fairgrounds BROKEN BOW NE USA DO 0.1250
Cycleland Speedway OROVILLE CA USA DO 0.1250
Dacosa Speedway BYHALIA MS USA DO 0.2000
Dacotah Speedway MANDAN ND USA DO 0.3750
Dakota State Fair Speedway HURON SD USA DO 0.3750
Dallas County Speedway URBANA MO USA DO 0.2500
Darlington Raceway DARLINGTON SC USA PO 1.3660
Davenport Speedway DAVENPORT IA USA DO 0.2500
Davenport Speedway DAVENPORT IA USA DO 0.5000
Dawgwood Speedway CHATSWORTH GA USA DO 0.2000
Dawson County Raceway LEXINGTON NE USA DO 0.3750
Daytona International Speedway DAYTONA BEACH FL USA PO 2.5000
Daytona International Speedway DAYTONA BEACH FL USA RC 3.5600
Death Valley Raceway AMARGOSA VALLEY NV USA DO 0.3330
Decatur County Fairgrounds GREENSBURG IN USA DO 0.2500
Deep South Speedway LOXLEY AL USA DO 0.4000
Deer Creek Speedway SPRING VALLEY MN USA DO 0.3750
Deerfield Raceway DEERFIELD OH USA DO 0.2500
Delaware International Speedway DELMAR DE USA DO 0.5000
Delaware Speedway DELAWARE ON CDN PO 0.5000
Dells Raceway Park WISCONSIN DELLS WI USA PO 0.3333
Delta Speedway STOCKTON CA USA DO 0.1250
Delta-Plex GRAND RAPIDS MI USA PO 0.1000
Deming Speedway BELLINGHAM WA USA DO 0.1667
Desert Thunder Raceway PRICE TX USA DO 0.3750
DeSoto Super Speedway BRADENTON FL USA PO 0.3750
Devil’s Bowl Speedway MESQUITE TX USA DO 0.5000
Devil’s Bowl Speedway WEST HAVEN VT USA DO 0.4000
Diamond Mountain Speedway SUSANVILLE CA USA DO 0.2500
Diamond Mountain Speedway VERNAL TX USA DO 0.3750
Diirt Devils Speedway LAND O LAKES FL USA DO 0.1667
Dillon Motor Speedway DILLON SC USA PO 0.4000
Dinosaur Downs Raceway DRUMHELLER AB CDN DO 0.3750
Dirtona Raceway HUGOTON KS USA DO 0.3750
Dixie Motor Speedway BIRCH RUN MI USA PO 0.4000
Dixie Speedway WOODSTOCK GA USA DO 0.3750
Dixieland Speedway ELIZABETH CITY NC USA DO 0.3750
Dodge City Raceway Park DODGE CITY KS USA DO 0.3750
Dodge County Fair Speedway BEAVER DAM WI USA DO 0.5000
Dodge County Speedway KASSON MN USA DO 0.3333
Doe Run Raceway DOE RUN MO USA DO 0.1667
Dog Hollow Speedway STRONGSTOWN PA USA DO 0.3750
Double X Speedway CALIFORNIA MO USA DO 0.2500
Douglas County Speedway ROSEBURG OR USA PO 0.3750
Dover International Speedway DOVER DE USA PO 1.0000
Dubai Autodrome DUBAI UAE RC 3.3560
Dubuque Fairgrounds Speedway DUBUQUE IA USA DO 0.3750
Duck River Speedway SHELBYVILLE TN USA DO 0.2500
Dunaways 93 Speedway OAK HILL OH USA DO 0.5000
Dunn Hill 2 Speedway MONROETON PA USA DO 0.2500
Dunn Tire Raceway Park LANCASTER NY USA PO 0.5000
DuQuoin State Fairgrounds DuQUOIN IL USA DO 1.0000
Dutton’s Speedway FORT COBB OK USA DO 0.2000
Eagle Raceway LINCOLN NE USA DO 0.3330
Eagle River Speedway EAGLE RIVER WI USA DO 0.3333
Eagle Track Raceway REPUBLIC WA USA DO 0.3750
Eagle Valley Speedway JIM FALLS WI USA DO 0.3750
Eagles Canyon Raceway DECATUR TX USA RC 2.5000
East Alabama Motor Speedway PHENIX CITY AL USA DO 0.3750
East Bay Raceway Park GIBSONTON FL USA DO 0.3333
East Carolina Motor Speedway ROBERSONVILLE NC USA PO 0.3750
East Lincoln Speedway STANLEY NC USA DO 0.3333
Eastern Creek Grand Prix Circuit EASTERN CREEK NSW AUSTRALIA RC 2.4420
Eastern Creek Short Circuit EASTERN CREEK NSW AUSTRALIA RC 1.7400
Eastside Speedway WAYNESBORO VA USA DO 0.4000
Echo Valley Speedway WEST UNION IA USA DO 0.4000
Edmonton Indy EDMONTON AB CDN TRC 1.9000
Edmonton International Raceway WETASKIWIN AB CDN PO 0.2500
Eighty-One Speedway PARK CITY KS USA DO 0.3750
El Paso County Speedway CALHAN CO USA DO 0.2500
El Paso Speedway Park EL PASO TX USA DO 0.3750
Eldora Speedway ROSSBURG OH USA DO 0.5000
Electric City Speedway GREAT FALLS MT USA DO 0.3000
Elk City I-40 Speedway ELK CITY OK USA DO 0.3750
Elkins Speedway ELKINS WV USA DO 0.3750
Elko Speedway ELKO MN USA PO 0.3750
Emo Speedway FORT FRANCIS ON CDN DO 0.3750
Empty Jug Racing HAWLEY PA USA DO 0.2000
English Creek Speedway KNOXVILLE IA USA DO 0.1667
Enid Speedway Park ENID OK USA DO 0.3750
Ephrata Raceway Park EPHRATA WA USA PO 0.2500
Eriez Speedway ERIE PA USA DO 0.3750
Estevan Motor Speedway ESTEVAN SK CDN DO 0.3750
European Motorsport Park STARKE FL USA RC 2.0000
Evergreen Speedway MONROE WA USA PO 0.6250
Evergreen Speedway MONROE WA USA PO 0.3750
Expo Speedway CORTLAND OH USA DO 0.5000
Fairbury American Legion Speedway FAIRBURY IL USA DO 0.3333
Fairgrounds at Kutztown Speedway KUTZTOWN PA USA DO 0.2000
Fairgrounds Speedway CORTEZ CO USA DO 0.3333
Fairgrounds Speedway LIBERAL KS USA DO 0.3750
Fairmont Raceway FAIRMONT MN USA DO 0.5000
Fairview Motorsports http://www.fairviewmotorsports.zooms BROWNSVILLE KY USA DO 0.3750
Falkenberg Motorklubb FALKENBERG SWEDEN RC 1.1390
Farley Speedway FARLEY IA USA DO 0.5000
Farmer City Raceway FARMER CITY IL USA DO 0.3333
Farmington Speedway FARMINGTON PA USA DO 0.1250
Fast Trax Speedway CHATHAM LA USA DO 0.2500
Fayette County Speedway WEST UNION IA USA DO 0.3750
Fayetteville Motor Speedway FAYETTEVILLE NC USA DO 0.4000
Fiesta City Speedway MONTEVIDEO MN USA DO 0.4000
Firebird International Raceway CHANDLER AZ USA RC 1.1000
Firebird International Raceway CHANDLER AZ USA RC 1.2000
Firebird International Raceway CHANDLER AZ USA RC 1.6000
Five Flags Speedway PENSACOLA FL USA PO 0.5000
Five Mile Point Speedway KIRKWOOD NY USA DO 0.2500
Flamboro Speedway FREELTON ON CDN PO 0.2500
Flat Rock Speedway FLAT ROCK MI USA PO 0.2500
Flatlanders Speedway KINDERSLEY SK CDN DO 0.3333
Flomaton Speedway WILMER AL USA DO 0.2500
Florence Motor Speedway TIMMONSVILLE SC USA PO 0.4000
Florence Speedway UNION KY USA DO 0.5000
Fonda Speedway FONDA NY USA DO 0.5000
Fork Mountain Raceway MARTINSVILLE VA USA DO 0.3750
Fort Payne Motor Speedway FLOMATON AL USA DO 0.3750
Franklin County Speedway CALLAWAY VA USA PO 0.3750
Fredericktown Raceway FREDERICKTOWN MO USA DO 0.2500
Freeport Raceway Park FREEPORT IL USA DO 0.5000
Fremont Speedway FREMONT OH USA DO 0.3333
Friendship Motor Speedway ELKIN NC USA DO 0.4000
Fuji International Speedway SHIZUOKA JAPAN RC 2.8270
Fulton Speedway FULTON NY USA DO 0.3750
Fundidora Park Monterrey MONTERREY NUEVO LEON MEXICO RC 2.1040
Fur Rendezvous Grand Prix ANCHORAGE AK USA TRC 0.7800
Galesburg Speedway GALESBURG MI USA PO 0.2500
Gallatin Speedway BELGRADE MT USA DO 0.3000
Gas City I-69 Speedway GAS CITY IN USA DO 0.2500
Gateway International Raceway MADISON IL USA PO 1.2500
Gateway International Raceway EAST ST. LOUIS IL USA RC 1.6700
Gator Motorplex WILLIS TX USA DO 0.2500
General Roca RIO NEGRO ARGENTINA RC 1.6160
Genesee Speedway BATAVIA NY USA DO 0.3333
Geographical Center Speedway RUGBY ND USA DO 0.2500
Georgetown Speedway GEORGETOWN DE USA DO 0.5000
Gillette Thunder Speedway GILLETTE WY USA DO 0.3333
Gimli Motorsports Park GIMLI MT CDN RC 1.3000
GingerMan Raceway SOUTH HAVEN MI USA RC 1.8800
Glen Ridge Motorsports Park FULTONVILLE NY USA DO 0.3750
Gold Pan Speedway QUESNEL BC CDN PO 0.2500
Golden Isles Speedway WAYNESVILLE GA USA DO 0.4000
Golden Sands Speedway WISCONSIN RAPIDS WI USA PO 0.3333
Golden Spike Speedway SAUK RAPIDS MN USA DO 0.3125
Golden Triangle Speedway Park BEAUMONT TX USA DO 0.2500
Gordon Park Speedway AUGUSTA GA USA PO 0.4000
Gotland Ring VISBY SWEDEN RC 4.0390
Grand Bend Speedway GRAND BEND ON CDN PO 0.3333
Grand Prairie Speedway GRAND PRAIRIE TX USA DO 0.2500
Grand Prix Trois Rivieres TROIS RIVIERES QUE CDN TSC 1.5060
Grand Rapids Speedway GRAND RAPIDS MN USA DO 0.3750
GrandSport Speedway HITCHCOCK TX USA RC 2.3000
Grandview Speedway BECHTELSVILLE PA USA DO 0.3333
Grattan Raceway Park GRATTAN MI USA RC 2.0000
Grays Harbor Raceway ELMA WA USA DO 0.3750
Grayson County Speedway BELLS TX USA DO 0.2500
Great Jones County Fairgrounds MONTICELLO IA USA DO 0.3750
Green Valley Speedway GADSDEN AL USA DO 0.3750
Greenbush Race Park GREENBUSH MN USA DO 0.3750
Greenville Pickens Speedway GREENVILLE SC USA PO 0.5000
Greenville Speedway GREENVILLE MS USA DO 0.2500
Greenwood Valley Action Tracks MILLVILLE PA USA DO 0.2000
Gresham Motorsports Park JEFFERSON GA USA PO 0.5000
Grundy County Speedway MORRIS IL USA PO 0.3333
Gulf Coast Speedway ALVIN TX USA DO 0.1250
Hagerstown Speedway HAGERSTOWN MD USA DO 0.5000
Hallett Motor Racing Circuit HALLETT OK USA RC 1.8000
Hamilton County Speedway WEBSTER CITY IA USA DO 0.5000
Hamlin Speedway HAMLIN PA USA DO 0.2000
Hammer Down Speedway RED SPRINGS NC USA DO 0.2500
Hampton Coliseum HAMPTON VA USA PO 0.1000
Hancock County Speedway BRITT IA USA DO 0.4000
Harris Hill Road SAN MARCOS TX USA RC 1.8000
Harris Speedway HARRIS NC USA DO 0.3750
Hartford Motor Speedway HARTFORD MI USA DO 0.5000
Hartwell Speedway HARTWELL GA USA DO 0.3750
Hattiesburg Motor Sports Park HATTIESBURG MS USA DO 0.2500
Havasu 95 Speedway LAKE HAVASU CITY AZ USA PO 0.2500
Hawkeye Downs Speedway CEDAR RAPIDS IA USA PO 0.5000
Heart O Texas Speedway WACO TX USA DO 0.2500
Heartland Park Topeka TOPEKA KS USA DO 0.3750
Heartland Park Topeka TOPEKA IA USA RC 2.5100
Heartland Speedway RAPID CITY SD USA DO 0.1250
Hemi Speedway MT. CROGHAN SC USA DO 0.3000
Hendry County Motorsports Park CLEWISTON FL USA DO 0.3333
Hesston Speedway HUNTINGTON PA USA DO 0.5000
Hibbing Raceway HIBBING MN USA DO 0.3750
Hickory Motor Speedway HICKORY NC USA PO 0.3630
High Banks Speedway PHILPOT KY USA DO 0.2500
High Plains Raceway BYERS CO USA RC 2.5000
High Rock Raceway SALISBURY NC USA RC 2.1500
Highland Rim Speedway RIDGETOP TN USA PO 0.2500
Highland Speedway HIGHLAND IL USA DO 0.2500
Highway 3 Raceway ALLISON IA USA DO 0.5000
Hill Valley Speedway ORBISONIA PA USA DO 0.2500
Hilltop Speedway MILLERSBURG OH USA DO 0.3750
Hockenheim Grand Prix Circuit HOCKENHEIM GERMANY RC 2.8420
Hockenheim National Circuit HOCKENHEIM GERMANY RC 2.2940
Hockenheim Short Circuit HOCKENHEIM GERMANY RC 1.6390
Holland Motorsports Complex HOLLAND NY USA PO 0.3750
Homestead Miami Speedway HOMESTEAD FL USA PO 1.5000
Homestead-Miami Speedway HOMESTEAD FL USA RC 2.2100
Honda Grand Prix of St. Petersburg ST. PETERSBURG FL USA TSC 1.8000
Honda Indy Toronto TORONTO ON CDN TSC 1.8000
Houston Motorsports Park HOUSTON TX USA PO 0.3750
Houston Raceway Park BAYTOWN TX USA DO 0.2500
Howard Brown Memorial Speedway BISHOPS FALLS NF CDN DO 0.3333
Hudson Speedway HUDSON NH USA PO 0.2500
Humboldt Speedway HUMBOLDT KS USA DO 0.3750
Hummingbird Speedway REYNOLDSVILLE PA USA DO 0.3333
Hungaroring BUDAPEST HUNGARY RC 2.7220
Huntsville Speedway HUNTSVILLE AL USA PO 0.2500
Husets Speedway BRANDON SD USA DO 0.3750
Hutchinson Raceway Park HUTCHINSON KS USA DO 0.3750
Hythe Motor Speedway HYTHE AB CDN DO 0.3750
I-25 Speedway PUEBLO CO USA PO 0.2500
I-30 Speedway BRYANT AR USA DO 0.2500
I-35 Speedway MASON CITY IA USA DO 0.5000
I-35 Speedway WINSTON MO USA DO 0.3750
I-37 Raceway PLEASANTON TX USA DO 0.2500
I-44 Speedway OKLAHOMA CITY OK USA DO 0.1667
I-55 Raceway PEVELY MO USA DO 0.3750
I-76 Speedway FORT MORGAN CO USA DO 0.2500
I-77 Raceway Park RIPLEY WV USA DO 0.3750
I-77 Speedway CHESTER SC USA DO 0.4000
I-80 Speedway GREENWOOD NE USA DO 0.4000
I-90 Speedway HARTFORD SD USA DO 0.3750
I-94 Speedway SAUK CENTER MN USA DO 0.3750
I-96 Speedway LAKE ODESSA MI USA DO 0.5000
Idaho Falls Raceway IDAHO FALLS ID USA DO 0.3750
Illiana Motor Speedway SCHERERVILLE IN USA PO 0.5000
Illinois State Fairgrounds SPRINGFIELD IL USA DO 1.0000
Imola IMOLA ITALY RC 2.2070
Imperial Valley Speedway  (Imperial Valley Speedway) EL CENTRO CA USA DO 0.3750
Inde Motorsports Ranch WILCOX AZ USA RC 2.7500
Independence Motor Speedway INDEPENDENCE IA USA DO 0.3750
Indiana State Fairgrounds INDIANAPOLIS IN USA DO 1.0000
Indianapolis Motor Speedway INDIANAPOLIS IN USA PO 2.5000
Indianapolis Motor Speedway INDIANAPOLIS IN USA RC 2.6000
Indianapolis Speedrome INDIANAPOLIS IN USA PO 0.2000
Infineon Raceway SONOMA CA USA RC 1.9900
Infineon Raceway SONOMA CA USA RC 2.2600
Interlagos Carlo Pace SAO PAULO BRAZIL RC 2.6780
Ionia Fairgrounds Speedway IONIA MI USA DO 0.5625
Iowa Speedway NEWTON IA USA PO 0.8750
Iowa Speedway NEWTON IA USA RC 1.3000
Iowa State Fair Speedway DES MOINES IA USA DO 0.5000
Island Speedway SYDNEY NS CDN PO 0.2500
Istanbul Park TUZLA TURKEY RC 3.3140
Jacarepagua Piquet Grand Prix Circuit RIO DE JANEIRO BRAZIL RC 3.0650
Jackson County Speedway MAQUOKETA IA USA DO 0.3750
Jackson Motor Speedway JACKSON MS USA DO 0.2500
Jackson Speedway JACKSON MI USA DO 0.1667
Jackson Speedway JACKSON MI USA PO 0.2000
Jackson Speedway JACKSON MN USA DO 0.5000
Jamaica Raceway JAMAICA IA USA PO 0.2000
Jamestown Speedway JAMESTOWN ND USA DO 0.2500
Jefferson County Speedway MADISON IN USA DO 0.2500
Jefferson County Speedway FAIRBURY NE USA DO 0.2500
Jefferson Speedway JEFFERSON WI USA PO 0.2500
Jerez JEREZ SPAIN RC 2.7520
Jetmore Motorplex JETMORE KS USA DO 0.3750
Johnson County Speedway FRANKLIN IN USA DO 0.2500
Jolly Roger Moto-Sports Park EAST LEMPSTER NH USA DO 0.2000
JRP Speedway TULSA OK USA PO 0.2500
Junction Motor Speedway McCOOL JUNCTION NE USA DO 0.3750
Jyllands Ringen RISSKOV DENMARK RC 0.9160
Jyllands Ringen Extended Circuit RISSKOV DENMARK RC 1.4290
K.R.A. Speedway WILLMAR MN USA DO 0.3750
Kalamazoo Speedway KALAMAZOO MI USA PO 0.3750
Kamp Motor Speedway BOSWELL IN USA DO 0.3750
Kankakee County Speedway KANKAKEE IL USA DO 0.3750
Kansas Speedway KANSAS CITY KS USA PO 1.5000
Kansas State Fairgrounds HUTCHINSON KS USA DO 0.5000
Karlskoga KARLSKOGA SWEDEN RC 1.5720
Kawartha Speedway PETERBOROUGH ON CDN PO 0.3750
Kennedale Speedway Park KENNEDALE TX USA DO 0.2500
Kentucky Lake Motor Speedway CALVERT CITY KY USA DO 0.3750
Kentucky Motor Speedway WHITESBURG KY USA PO 0.3750
Kentucky Speedway SPARTA KY USA PO 1.5000
Kil-Kare Raceway XENIA OH USA PO 0.3750
Kings Park Speedway REGINA SK CDN PO 0.3333
Kings Speedway HANFORD CA USA DO 0.3750
Kinnekulle Ring GOTENE SWEDEN RC 1.2860
Kinross Speedpark KINROSS MI USA PO 0.2500
Knockhill FIFE SCOTLAND UK RC 1.3000
Knox County Fairgrounds KNOXVILLE IL USA DO 0.5000
Knoxville Raceway KNOXVILLE IA USA DO 0.5000
Knutstorp KAGEROD SWEDEN RC 1.2920
Kokomo Speedway KOKOMO IN USA DO 0.3750
Kopellah Speedway ST. CROIX FALLS WI USA DO 0.3000
LA Raceway LaMONTE MO USA DO 0.3750
LA Raceway Park SAN ANGELO TX USA DO 0.2500
LaCrosse Fairgrounds Speedway WEST SALEM WI USA PO 0.5000
Lady Luck Speedway LUBBOCK TX USA DO 0.2500
Lafayette County Speedway DARLINGTON WI USA DO 0.3750
Laird International Raceway ECHO BAY ON CDN PO 0.3333
Lake County Speedway ARDMORE OK USA DO 0.3750
Lake Cumberland Speedway BURNSIDE KY USA DO 0.3750
Lake Doucette Motor Speedway SALMON RIVER NS CDN PO 0.3750
Lake Erie Speedway NORTH EAST PA USA PO 0.3750
Lake Ozark Speedway ELDON MO USA DO 0.3330
Lakeport Speedway LAKEPORT CA USA PO 0.2500
Lakeside Speedway KANSAS CITY KS USA DO 0.5000
Lakeville Speedway LAKEVILLE OH USA DO 0.3750
Lancaster Motor Speedway LANCASTER SC USA DO 0.4000
Langlade County Speedway ANTIGO WI USA DO 0.5000
Langley Speedway HAMPTON VA USA PO 0.4000
Lanier National Speedway BRASELTON GA USA PO 0.3750
Las Vegas Motor Speedway LAS VEGAS NV USA PO 1.5000
Las Vegas Motor Speedway LAS VEGAS NV USA DO 0.5000
Las Vegas Motor Speedway LAS VEGAS NV USA RC 1.1000
Las Vegas Motor Speedway LAS VEGAS NV USA RC 1.8000
Las Vegas Motor Speedway LAS VEGAS NV USA RC 2.4000
Las Vegas Motor Speedway Bullring LAS VEGAS NV USA PO 0.3750
LaSalle Speedway LaSALLE IL USA DO 0.2500
Laurens County Speedway LAURENS SC USA DO 0.3750
Lausitzring KLETTWITZ GERMANY RC 2.7000
Lavonia Speedway LAVONIA GA USA DO 0.3750
Lawrenceburg Speedway LAWRENCEBURG IN USA DO 0.3750
Lawton Speedway LAWTON OK USA DO 0.2500
Lebanon Midway Speedway LEBANON MO USA DO 0.3750
Lebanon Valley Speedway WEST LEBANON NY USA DO 0.5000
Ledenon LEDENON FRANCE RC 1.9580
Lee County Speedway DONNELLSON IA USA DO 0.3750
Lee USA Speedway LEE NH USA PO 0.3750
LeMans Bugatti Circuit LeMANS FRANCE RC 2.6550
LeMans Circuit de la Sarthe LeMANS FRANCE RC 8.4820
Lernerville Speedway SARVER PA USA DO 0.4000
Lil Texas Motor Speedway FORT WORTH TX USA PO 0.2000
Limaland Motorsports Park LIMA OH USA DO 0.2500
Lime Rock Park LIME ROCK CT USA RC 1.5400
Limerock Speedway CALEDONIA NY USA DO 0.1250
Lincoln Park Speedway PUTNAMVILLE IN USA DO 0.3125
Lincoln Speedway LINCOLN IL USA DO 0.2500
Lincoln Speedway NEW OXFORD PA USA DO 0.3750
Linda’s Speedway JONESTOWN PA USA DO 0.2500
Linn County Speedway PLEASANTON KS USA DO 0.3750
Little Valley Speedway LITTLE VALLEY NY USA DO 0.5000
Loheac LOHEAC FRANCE RC 0.9320
Lone Star Speedway KILGORE TX USA DO 0.5000
Lonesome Pine Raceway COEBURN VA USA PO 0.3750
Lorain County Speedway SOUTH AMHERST OH USA PO 0.3750
Losail DOHA QATAR RC 3.3550
Lovelock Speedway LOVELOCK NV USA DO 0.2500
Lubbock Motor Speedway LUBBOCK TX USA DO 0.3333
Lucas Oil I-10 Speedway BLYTHE CA USA PO 0.3333
Lucas Oil Speedway WHEATLAND MO USA DO 0.3750
Luxemburg Speedway LUXEMBURG WI USA DO 0.3333
M-40 Speedway JONES MI USA PO 0.3750
Macau Guia MACAU CHINA TSC 3.8000
Macomb Raceway MACOMB IL USA DO 0.2000
Macon Speedway MACON IL USA DO 0.2000
Madera Speedway MADERA CA USA PO 0.3333
Madison International Speedway OREGON WI USA PO 0.5000
Madison Speedway MADISON MN USA DO 0.3750
Madras Speedway MADRAS OR USA DO 0.2500
Magic Valley Speedway TWIN FALLS ID USA PO 0.3333
Magione Long Circuit MAGIONE PERUGIA ITALY RC 1.5580
Magione Short Circuit MAGIONE PERUGIA ITALY RC 1.0250
Magnolia Motor Speedway COLUMBUS MS USA DO 0.3750
Magny Cours Club Circuit MAGNY COURS FRANCE RC 1.0730
Magny Cours Grand Prix Circuit MAGNY COURS FRANCE RC 2.7410
Magny Cours National Circuit MAGNY COURS FRANCE RC 1.6680
Mahnomen County Speedway MAHNOMEN MN USA DO 0.3750
Mahoning Valley Speedway LEHIGHTON PA USA PO 0.2500
Malden Speedway MALDEN MO USA DO 0.3750
Manfeild Grand Prix Circuit PALMERSTON NORTH NEW ZEALAND RC 2.8030
Manfeild Short Circuit PALMERSTON NORTH NEW ZEALAND RC 1.8830
Manitowoc County Expo Speedway MANITOWOC WI USA DO 0.3333
Mansfield Motorsports Park MANSFIELD OH USA PO 0.5000
Mantorp Park Circuit #1 MALMO SWEDEN RC 1.2120
Mantorp Park Circuit #2 MALMO SWEDEN RC 1.9420
Mantorp Park Circuit #3 MALMO SWEDEN RC 2.5480
Marion Center Speedway MARION CENTER PA USA DO 0.2500
Marshall County Speedway WARREN MN USA DO 0.4000
Marshalltown Speedway MARSHALLTOWN IA USA DO 0.2500
Marshfield Motor Speedway MARSHFIELD WI USA PO 0.5000
Martinsville Speedway MARTINSVILLE VA USA PO 0.5260
Marysville Raceway Park MARYSVILLE CA USA DO 0.2500
Matthewson Center SEDALIA MO USA DO 0.1000
Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca SALINAS CA USA RC 2.2380
McCook Speedway McCOOK NE USA DO 0.3750
McKean County Raceway EAST SMETHPORT PA USA DO 0.3333
McLean County Speedway UNDERWOOD ND USA DO 0.2500
McMurray Raceway Park FORT McMURRAY AB CDN DO 0.2500
Medicine Hat Speedway MEDICINE HAT AB CDN PO 0.2500
Merced Fairgrounds Speedway MERCED CA USA DO 0.3333
Mercer Raceway Park MERCER PA USA DO 0.3750
Meridian Speedway MERIDIAN ID USA PO 0.2500
Merritt Speedway MERRITT MI USA DO 0.3750
Merritt Speedway MERRITT BC CDN DO 0.3750
Merrittville Speedway THOROLD ON CDN DO 0.3750
Mexico City Hermanos Rodriguez Grand Prix MEXICO CITY MEXICO RC 2.7860
Mexico City Hermanos Rodriguez NASCAR MEXICO CITY MEXICO RC 2.5180
Miami County Speedway PERU IN USA DO 0.1250
Michigan International Speedway BROOKLYN MI USA PO 2.0000
Mid America Motorplex PACIFIC JUNCTION IA USA RC 2.2300
Mid Michigan Raceway Park MUIR MI USA DO 0.3333
Mid-America Speedway SOUTH COFFEYVILLE OK USA DO 0.3000
Middleford Speedway SEAFORD DE USA DO 0.2500
Mid-Nebraska Speedway DONIPHAN NE USA DO 0.3750
Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course LEXINGTON OH USA RC 2.2500
Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course LEXINGTON OH USA RC 2.4000
Midvale Speedway MIDVALE OH USA PO 0.3000
Midway Speedway CROOKSVILLE OH USA DO 0.3750
Miller Motorsports Park TOOELE TX USA RC 4.5000
Miller Speedway MILLER SD USA DO 0.5000
Millstream Speedway FINDLAY OH USA DO 0.5000
Minden Fairgrounds MINDEN ON CDN DO 0.5000
Mineral City Speedway FORT DODGE IA USA DO 0.5000
Minneapolis Raceway Park MINNEAPOLIS KS USA DO 0.3750
Miramichi City Speedway MIRAMICHI NB CDN PO 0.3333
Misano Grand Prix Circuit MISANO ADRIATICO ITALY RC 2.5230
Misano Short Circuit MISANO ADRIATICO ITALY RC 2.1670
Mission Raceway Park MISSION BC CDN RC 1.2000
Mission Valley Speedway POLSON MT USA PO 0.3750
Mississippi Thunder Speedway FOUNTAIN CITY WI USA DO 0.3750
Missouri State Fair Speedway SEDALIA MO USA DO 0.5000
Mobile International Speedway IRVINGTON AL USA PO 0.5000
Modoc Speedway MODOC SC USA DO 0.4000
Mohave Valley Raceway MOHAVE VALLEY AZ USA DO 0.3333
Mohawk International Speedway HOGANSBURG NY USA DO 0.3750
Moler Raceway Park WILLIAMSBURG OH USA DO 0.2500
Monadnock Speedway WINCHESTER NH USA PO 0.2500
Mondello Park International Circuit NASS COUNTY KILDARE IRELAND RC 2.2500
Mondello Park National Circuit NASS COUNTY KILDARE IRELAND RC 1.1600
Monett Speedway MONETT MO USA DO 0.3750
Monroe County Fairgrounds HENRIETTA NY USA DO 0.1667
Monroe Motor Speedway MONROE LA USA DO 0.3750
Montana Raceway Park KALISPELL MT USA PO 0.2500
Monterrey Grand Prix Circuit MONTERREY NUEVO LEON MEXICO RC 1.9880
Monterrey Original Circuit MONTERREY NUEVO LEON MEXICO RC 1.9200
Monterrey Short Circuit MONTERREY NUEVO LEON MEXICO RC 0.9940
Montgomery County Race Park MT. STERLING KY USA DO 0.2500
Montgomery County Speedway NEW FLORENCE MO USA DO 0.2500
Montgomery Motor Speedway MONTGOMERY AL USA DO 0.5000
Monticello Motor Club MONTICELLO NY USA RC 4.1000
Montpelier Motor Speedway MONTPELIER IN USA DO 0.2500
Monza MONZA ITALY RC 3.6000
Mosport International Raceway MOSPORT ON CDN PO 0.5000
Mosport International Raceway MOSPORT ON CDN RC 2.4590
Motegi TOCHIGI JAPAN RC 2.9800
Motegi TOCHIGI JAPAN PO 1.5490
Motodrome St Marcel SORAL QUE CDN DO 0.2500
Motopark Grand Prix Circuit VIRTASALMI FINLAND RC 2.1750
Motor Mile Speedway RADFORD VA USA PO 0.4160
Motordrome Speedway SMITHTON PA USA PO 0.5000
Motorsport Park Hastings HASTINGS NE USA RC 2.1500
Motorsports Ranch Cresson CRESSON TX USA RC 1.3000
Motorsports Ranch Cresson CRESSON TX USA RC 1.7000
Motorsports Ranch Cresson CRESSON TX USA RC 3.1000
Mottville Speedway MOTTVILLE MI USA PO 0.2500
Moulton Speedway MOULTON AL USA DO 0.3750
Mount Lawn Speedway NEW CASTLE IN USA PO 0.3000
Mount Pleasant Speedway MOUNT PLEASANT MI USA DO 0.3750
Mount Vernon Raceway MOUNT VERNON IL USA DO 0.2500
Mount Washington Auto Race Hill Climb MT. WASHINGTON NH USA HC 7.4000
Mountain Raceway Park MARYVILLE TN USA DO 0.4000
MSR Houston Sugar Land ANGLETON TX USA RC 2.3800
Murray County Speedway SLAYTON MN USA DO 0.3750
Muskingum County Speedway ZANESVILLE OH USA DO 0.3750
Myrtle Beach Speedway MYRTLE BEACH SC USA PO 0.6250
Nashville Superspeedway LEBANON TN USA PO 1.3333
Nashville Superspeedway LEBANON TN USA RC 1.8000
Natural Bridge Speedway NATURAL BRIDGE VA USA DO 0.3750
Nebraska Raceway Park GREENWOOD NE USA DO 0.4000
Nelson Ledges Road Course SOUTHINGTON OH USA RC 2.0000
Nevada Speedway NEVADA MO USA DO 0.2500
New Egypt Speedway NEW EGYPT NJ USA DO 0.5000
New Hampshire Motor Speedway LOUDON NH USA PO 1.0000
New Hampshire Motor Speedway LOUDON NH USA RC 1.6000
New Humberstone Speedway PORT COLBORNE ON CDN DO 0.3333
New Jersey Motorsports Park MILLVILLE NJ USA RC 1.9000
New Jersey Motorsports Park MILLVILLE NJ USA RC 2.2500
New Paris Speedway NEW PARIS IN USA PO 0.2500
New Senoia Raceway SENOIA GA USA PO 0.3750
New Smyrna Speedway NEW SMYRNA FL USA PO 0.5000
New Stockton 99 Speedway STOCKTON CA USA PO 0.2500
New York State Fairgrounds SYRACUSE NY USA DO 1.0000
Newport Speedway NEWPORT TN USA PO 0.4000
Nishi Sendai KIYAGI KEN JAPAN RC 2.5040
No Problem Raceway Park BELLE ROSE LA USA RC 1.8000
Nobles County WORTHINGTON MN USA DO 0.2500
Nodak Speedway MINOT ND USA DO 0.3750
Nogaro Grand Prix Circuit NOGARO FRANCE RC 2.2590
Nogaro Short Circuit NOGARO FRANCE RC 1.1180
Norman County Raceway ADA MN USA DO 0.3750
North Alabama Speedway CLANTON AL USA DO 0.3750
North Central Arkansas Speedway YELLVILLE AR USA DO 0.3750
North Central Speedway BRAINERD MN USA DO 0.3333
North Florida Speedway LAKE CITY FL USA DO 0.4000
North Pole Speedway NORTH POLE AK USA PO 0.2500
North Star Speedway WASILLA AK USA PO 0.2500
Northern Michigan Speedway ELMIRA MI USA PO 0.2500
Northport International Raceway NORTHPORT WA USA DO 0.3750
Northwest Florida Speedway BAKER FL USA DO 0.3750
Northwest Missouri State Fairgrounds BETHANY MO USA DO 0.3750
Norway Speedway NORWAY MI USA PO 0.3333
Nurburgring Grand Prix Circuit NURBURG GERMANY GERMANY RC 3.1990
Nurburgring Nordschleife NURBURG GERMANY GERMANY RC 12.9440
Oakshade Raceway WAUSEON OH USA DO 0.3750
O’Brion Oval Speedway DUCK WV USA DO 0.2500
Ocala Speedway OCALA FL USA DO 0.3750
Ocean Speedway WATSONVILLE CA USA DO 0.2500
Ogilvie Raceway OGILVIE MN USA DO 0.3333
Oglethorpe Speedway Park SAVANNAH GA USA DO 0.5000
Ohio State Expo Center COLUMBUS OH USA PO 0.1000
Ohio Valley Speedway PARKERSBURG WV USA DO 0.3750
Ohsweken Speedway OHSWEKEN ON CDN DO 0.3750
Oklahoma Sports Park ADA OK USA DO 0.4000
Old Bridge Township Raceway ENGLISHTOWN NJ USA RC 1.3500
Old Dominion Speedway MANASSAS VA USA PO 0.3750
Ona Speedway ONA WV USA PO 0.3750
Onaway Speedworld ONAWAY MI USA PO 0.2500
Oran Park Grand Prix Circuit NARELLAN NSW AUSTRALIA RC 1.6280
Oran Park South Circuit NARELLAN NSW AUSTRALIA RC 1.2180
Orange County Fair Speedway MIDDLETOWN NY USA DO 0.5000
Orange County Speedway ROUGEMONT NC USA PO 0.3750
Orange Show Speedway  (Orange Show) SAN BERNARDINO CA USA PO 0.2500
O’Reilly Raceway Park CLERMONT IN USA PO 0.6860
O’Reilly Raceway Park CLERMONT IN USA RC 2.5000
Orlando Speed World Speedway BITHLO FL USA PO 0.3750
Orleans Raceway ORLEANS MI USA DO 0.3750
Oschersleben B Circuit OSCHERSLEBEN GERMANY RC 1.6160
Oschersleben Grand Prix Circuit OSCHERSLEBEN GERMANY RC 2.2790
Oshkosh Speedzone Raceway OSHKOSH WI USA DO 0.3333
Oswego Speedway OSWEGO NY USA PO 0.6250
Oulton Park Fosters Circuit TARPORLEY CHESHIRE UK RC 1.6600
Oulton Park International Circuit TARPORLEY CHESHIRE UK RC 2.6920
Oulton Park Island Circuit TARPORLEY CHESHIRE UK RC 2.2600
Outlaw Motor Speedway WAINWRIGHT OK USA DO 0.3750
Outlook Stock Car Track OUTLOOK SK CDN DO 0.3333
Owendale Speedway OWENDALE MI USA DO 0.2500
Owosso Speedway OWOSSO MI USA PO 0.3750
Oxford Plains Speedway OXFORD ME USA PO 0.3750
Oyster Bed Speedway CHARLOTTETOWN PEI CDN PO 0.2500
Ozark Empire Fairgrounds Arena SPRINGFIELD MO USA DO 0.1000
Pacific Raceways KENT WA USA RC 2.2500
Padborg Park PADBORG DENMARK RC 1.2860
Paducah International Raceway PADUCAH KY USA DO 0.3750
Pagoda Motorcycle Club READING PA USA DO 0.1250
Painesville Speedway PAINESVILLE OH USA PO 0.2000
Palm Beach International Raceway PALM BEACH GARDENS FL USA RC 2.2500
Paradise Speedway GENEVA NY USA DO 0.2500
Paragon Speedway PARAGON IN USA DO 0.3750
Paris Motor Speedway PARIS TX USA DO 0.2500
Park Jefferson Speedway JEFFERSON SD USA DO 0.5000
Path Valley Speedway Park SPRING RUN PA USA DO 0.2500
Paul Ricard LE BEAUSSET FRANCE RC 2.3690
Pemberton Speedway PEMBERTON BC CDN DO 0.3333
Pembrey PEMBREY WALES UK RC 1.4560
Penn Can Speedway SUSQUEHANNA PA USA DO 0.3750
Pennsylvania Motor Speedway IMPERIAL PA USA DO 0.5000
Penticton Speedway PENTICTON BC CDN PO 0.2500
Penton Raceways PENTON AL USA DO 0.3750
Peoria Speedway PEORIA IL USA DO 0.2500
Perris Auto Speedway PERRIS CA USA DO 0.5000
Petaluma Speedway PETALUMA CA USA DO 0.3750
Peterborough Speedway PETERBOROUGH ON CDN PO 0.3333
Phillips County Raceway HOLYOKE CO USA DO 0.3750
Phoenix International Raceway PHOENIX AZ USA PO 1.0000
Phoenix International Raceway PHOENIX AZ USA RC 1.5100
Pike County Speedway MAGNOLIA MS USA DO 0.3750
Pikes Peak International Hillclimb COLORADO SPRINGS CO USA HC 12.4200
Pikes Peak International Raceway COLORADO SPRINGS CO USA PO 1.0000
Pikes Peak International Raceway COLORADO SPRINGS CO USA RC 1.3400
Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix PITTSBURGH PA USA TRC 2.3000
Placerville Speedway PLACERVILLE CA USA DO 0.2500
Plaza Park Raceway VISALIA CA USA DO 0.2000
Plymouth Dirt Track PLYMOUTH WI USA DO 0.3333
Plymouth Speedway PLYMOUTH IN USA PO 0.3750
Pocono Raceway LONG POND PA USA PO 2.5000
Pocono Raceway LONG POND PA USA RC 1.2000
Pocono Raceway LONG POND PA USA RC 1.4000
Pocono Raceway LONG POND PA USA RC 1.5000
Pocono Raceway LONG POND PA USA RC 2.8000
Ponderosa Speedway JUNCTION CITY KY USA DO 0.3750
Port Angeles Speedway PORT ANGELES WA USA PO 0.2500
Port City Raceway TULSA OK USA DO 0.1250
Port Royal Speedway PORT ROYAL PA USA DO 0.5000
Portland International Raceway PORTLAND OR USA RC 1.8000
Portsmouth Raceway Park PORTSMOUTH OH USA DO 0.3750
Potomac Speedway BUDDS CREEK MD USA DO 0.3750
Prairie Hills Motorsports Club LAKE VILLAGE IN USA RC 1.5000
Prairie Hills Motorsports Club LAKE VILLAGE IN USA RC 2.5000
Prescott Valley Raceway PRESCOTT AZ USA DO 0.3333
Princeton Speedway PRINCETON MN USA DO 0.2500
Princeton Speedway PRINCETON WV USA DO 0.4000
Proctor Speedway DULUTH MN USA DO 0.3750
Prowers County Motor Sports Park LAMAR CO USA DO 0.3333
Pueblo Motorsports Park PUEBLO CO USA RC 2.2000
Pukekohe Grand Prix Circuit ELLERSLIE AUCKLAND NEW ZEALAND RC 1.7520
Putnam County Speedway PALATKA FL USA DO 0.3750
Putnam Park Road Course MT. MERIDIAN IN USA RC 1.8000
Queensland Raceway Club Circuit AMBERLEY QUEENSLAND AUSTRALIA RC 1.3110
Queensland Raceway National Circuit AMBERLEY QUEENSLAND AUSTRALIA RC 1.9420
Queensland Raceway Sportsman Circuit AMBERLEY QUEENSLAND AUSTRALIA RC 1.3360
Queensland Raceway Sprint Circuit AMBERLEY QUEENSLAND AUSTRALIA RC 1.1740
Quincy Raceways QUINCY IL USA DO 0.2500
Race City Motorsports Park CALGARY AB CDN DO 0.5000
Race City Motorsports Park CALGARY AB CDN RC 1.5000
Race City Motorsports Park CALGARY AB CDN RC 2.0000
Raceway 7 CONNEAUT OH USA DO 0.4375
Raceway Park SHAKOPEE MN USA PO 0.2500
Raceway Park JEFFERSON SD USA DO 0.2500
Ransomville Speedway RANSOMVILLE NY USA DO 0.5000
Rattlesnake Motordrome RUMNEY NH USA DO 0.2500
Rattlesnake Raceway FALLON NV USA DO 0.3330
Red Cedar Speedway MENOMONIE WI USA DO 0.3333
Red River Co-Op Speedway WINNIPEG MB CDN DO 0.4000
Red River Speedway WICHITA FALLS TX USA DO 0.2500
Red River Valley Speedway WEST FARGO ND USA DO 0.5000
Redwood Acres Raceway  (Redwood Acres Raceway) EUREKA CA USA PO 0.3750
Redwood Speedway REDWOOD FALLS MN USA DO 0.5000
Reno-Fernley Raceway FERNLEY NV USA DO 0.3750
Reno-Fernley Raceway FERNLEY NV USA RC 4.1000
Rice Lake Speedway RICE LAKE WI USA DO 0.3333
Richmond International Raceway RICHMOND VA USA PO 0.7500
Richmond Raceway RICHMOND KY USA DO 0.3750
Ring Djursland NIMTOFTE DENMARK RC 1.0940
Rio Cuarto Long Circuit RIO CUARTO CORDOBA ARGENTINA RC 2.5010
Rio Cuarto Medium Circuit RIO CUARTO CORDOBA ARGENTINA RC 2.0590
Rio Cuarto Short Circuit RIO CUARTO CORDOBA ARGENTINA RC 1.4660
Rio Grande Speedway McALLEN TX USA DO 0.2500
Ripley County Fairgrounds OSGOOD IN USA DO 0.2500
Ripple Ridge Raceway RAWLINS WY USA DO 0.3750
River Cities Speedway GRAND FORKS ND USA DO 0.2500
River City Speedway ST. HELENS OR USA DO 0.2500
Riverhead Raceway RIVERHEAD NY USA PO 0.2500
Riverside International Speedway WEST MEMPHIS AR USA DO 0.2500
Riverside International Speedway ANTIGONISH NS CDN PO 0.3333
Riverside Speedway GROVETON NH USA PO 0.2500
Riverview Speedway Park CARTHAGE TN USA PO 0.2500
Road America ELKHART LAKE WI USA RC 4.0480
Road Atlanta BRASELTON GA USA RC 2.5400
Roaring Knob Motorsports MARKLEYSBURG PA USA DO 0.3750
Rock Castle Speedway MOUNT VERNON KY USA PO 0.3750
Rock Creek Race Track KIMBERLY ID USA DO 0.1250
Rockford Speedway ROCKFORD IL USA PO 0.2500
Rockingham Motor Speedway CORBY NORTHAMPTONSHIRE UK RC 2.5600
Rockingham Motor Speedway CORBY NORTHAMPTONSHIRE UK PO 1.4790
Rockingham Speedway ROCKINGHAM NC USA PO 1.0000
Rockingham Speedway ROCKINGHAM NC USA RC 0.6250
Rockingham Speedway ROCKINGHAM NC USA RC 1.4000
Rocky Mountain Raceway Park OKOTOKS AB CDN DO 0.2500
Rocky Mountain Raceways WEST VALLEY CITY TX USA PO 0.3750
Rocky Top Raceway COAL GROVE OH USA DO 0.3750
Roebling Road Raceway SAVANNAH GA USA RC 2.0200
Rolling Thunder Raceway ARARAT VA USA DO 0.3750
Rolling Wheels Raceway Park ELBRIDGE NY USA DO 0.6250
Rome Speedway ROME GA USA DO 0.5000
Rooks County Speedway STOCKTON KS USA DO 0.5000
Route 66 Motor Speedway AMARILLO TX USA DO 0.3750
Route 66 Raceway JOLIET IL USA DO 0.5000
RPM Speedway HAYS KS USA DO 0.3750
RPM Speedway of Texas CRANDALL TX USA DO 0.2500
Rudskogen RAKKESTAD NORWAY RC 1.1810
Rush County Fairgrounds RUSHVILLE IN USA DO 0.1667
Rush County Fairgrounds LaCROSSE KS USA DO 0.3125
Sabine Motor Speedway MANY LA USA DO 0.2500
Sachsenring HOHENSTEIN GERMANY RC 2.2810
Sacramento Raceway Park SACRAMENTO CA USA DO 0.2500
Saint Francois County Raceway FARMINGTON MO USA DO 0.3750
Salem Livestock Pavilion SALEM OR USA DO 0.2000
Salem Speedway SALEM IN USA PO 0.5000
Salzburgring Grand Prix Circuit SALZBURG AUSTRIA RC 2.6440
San Luis Valley Motor Plex MOSCA CO USA DO 0.3750
Sanair ST PIE QUE CDN PO 0.3330
Sanair International Speedway ST PIE QUE CDN RC 1.2500
Sanair Superspeedway ST PIE QUE CDN PO 0.8952
Sandia Motor Speedway ALBUQUERQUE NM USA PO 0.5000
Sandia Motor Speedway ALBUQUERQUE NM USA RC 1.6000
Sandown Park International Circuit MELBOURNE VICTORIA AUSTRALIA RC 2.4100
Sandown Park National Circuit MELBOURNE VICTORIA AUSTRALIA RC 1.9290
Sandusky Speedway SANDUSKY OH USA PO 0.5000
Sangudo Speedway SANGUDO AB CDN DO 0.2500
Santa Maria Speedway SANTA MARIA CA USA DO 0.3333
Saratoga Speedway COURTENAY BC CDN PO 0.3750
Sauble Speedway SAUBLE BEACH ON CDN PO 0.2500
Sayre Speedway SAYRE AL USA PO 0.2500
Scotia Speedworld HALIFAX NS CDN PO 0.3000
Scott County Speedway SCOTTSBURG IN USA DO 0.3750
Screven Motor Speedway SYLVANIA GA USA DO 0.3750
Sebring International Raceway SEBRING FL USA RC 3.7000
Seekonk Speedway SEEKONK MA USA PO 0.3333
Selinsgrove Raceway Park SELINSGROVE PA USA DO 0.2000
Sept Iles Speedway SEPT ILES QUE CDN PO 0.5000
Seymour Speedway SEYMOUR WI USA DO 0.3333
Shady Oaks Speedway GOLIAD TX USA DO 0.3750
Shadybowl Speedway DeGRAFF OH USA PO 0.3000
Shadyhill Speedway MEDARYVILLE IN USA DO 0.2500
Shanghai Circuit SHANGHAI CHINA RC 3.3870
Shangri-La II Motor Speedway TIOGA CENTER NY USA PO 0.5000
Shannonville Motorsports Park BELLEVILLE ON CDN RC 2.5000
Sharon Speedway HARTFORD OH USA DO 0.3750
Shasta Raceway Park ANDERSON CA USA PO 0.3750
Shawano Speedway SHAWANO WI USA DO 0.5000
Shelby County Speedway WILSONVILLE AL USA DO 0.3750
Shelby County Speedway SHELBYVILLE IN USA DO 0.2500
Shelby County Speedway HARLAND IA USA DO 0.4000
Shellhammers Speedway LEESPORT PA USA DO 0.1250
Shenandoah Speedway SHENANDOAH VA USA PO 0.3750
Shepp’s Speedway ALEXANDER IL USA DO 0.2500
Sherman County Speedway GOODLAND KS USA DO 0.3750
Shiawassee County Fairgrounds CORUNNA MI USA DO 0.2500
Shippensburg Speedway SHIPPENSBURG PA USA DO 0.2500
Silver Dollar Speedway CHICO CA USA DO 0.2500
Silverstone International Circuit TOWCESTER NORTHAMPTONSHIRE UK RC 2.2490
Silverstone National Circuit TOWCESTER NORTHAMPTONSHIRE UK RC 1.6390
Silverstone Southern Circuit TOWCESTER NORTHAMPTONSHIRE UK RC 1.9690
Sioux Speedway SIOUX CENTER IA USA DO 0.5000
Siskiyou Motor Speedway   (Siskiyou Motor Speedway) YREKA CA USA DO 0.2500
Skagit Speedway ALGER WA USA DO 0.3750
Skyline Raceway CORTLAND NY USA DO 0.3750
Skyline Speedway STEWART OH USA DO 0.3750
Slinger Super Speedway SLINGER WI USA PO 0.2500
Smithton Raceway SMITHTON PA USA DO 0.2500
Smokey Harris Speedway HALEBURG AL USA DO 0.3750
Snetterton NORWICH NORFOLK UK RC 1.9520
Snydersville Raceway SNYDERSVILLE PA USA DO 0.2000
Soggy Bottom Raceway MORGANTOWN KY USA DO 0.3750
Solomon Valley Speedway BELOIT KS USA DO 0.2000
South Alabama Speedway OPP AL USA PO 0.4000
South Arcade Speedway DELEVAN NY USA DO 0.3333
South Boston Speedway SOUTH BOSTON VA USA PO 0.4000
South Buxton Raceway MERLIN ON CDN DO 0.3750
South Georgia Motorsports Park CECIL GA USA DO 0.5000
South Mississippi Speedway LONG BEACH MS USA DO 0.2500
South Sound Speedway ROCHESTER WA USA PO 0.3750
South Texas Speedway CORPUS CHRISTI TX USA DO 0.2500
Southern Illinois Center DuQUOIN IL USA DO 0.1667
Southern Illinois Raceway MARION IL USA DO 0.1250
Southern Iowa Speedway OSKALOOSA IA USA DO 0.5000
Southern National Raceway Park KENLY NC USA PO 0.4000
Southern New Mexico Speedway LAS CRUCES NM USA DO 0.3125
Southern Oregon Speedway MEDFORD OR USA DO 0.3333
Southern Raceway MILTON FL USA DO 0.3750
Southside Speedway RICHMOND VA USA PO 0.3333
Southwest Speedway DICKINSON ND USA DO 0.3333
Spartan Speedway MASON MI USA PO 0.2500
Speedarama Raceway LUFKIN TX USA DO 0.3333
Speedbowl Valley Raceway AMARILLO TX USA DO 0.2500
Speedway 660 FREDERICTON NB CDN PO 0.3333
Speedway 95 BANGOR ME USA PO 0.3333
Speedy Creek Raceway SWIFT CURRENT SK CDN DO 0.2500
Speedy Dundee Dirt Track CAMPBELLTON NB CDN DO 0.2500
Spencer Speedway WILLIAMSON NY USA PO 0.5000
Spokane County Raceway SPOKANE WA USA PO 0.5000
Spokane County Raceway SPOKANE WA USA RC 2.5000
Spoon River Speedway CANTON IL USA DO 0.3750
Sportsdrome Speedway JEFFERSONVILLE IN USA PO 0.2500
Sportsman’s Speedway KNOX PA USA DO 0.3333
Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch PAHRUMP NV USA RC 3.5000
Springfield Raceway SPRINGFIELD MO USA DO 0.2500
Springport Motor Speedway SPRINGPORT MI USA PO 0.3750
Spud Speedway CARIBOU ME USA PO 0.3333
Stadium St Guillaume ST GUILLAUME QUE CDN DO 0.3750
Stafford Motor Speedway STAFFORD SPRINGS CT USA PO 0.5000
Starlite Speedway TRUMANSBURG NY USA DO 0.1250
State Fair Speedway OKLAHOMA CITY OK USA DO 0.3750
State Fair Speedway YAKIMA WA USA DO 0.3750
State Line Speedway LAWSONVILLE NC USA DO 0.2000
State Park Fair Raceway LINCOLN NE USA DO 0.3750
State Park Speedway WAUSAU WI USA PO 0.2500
Stateline Speedway JAMESTOWN NY USA DO 0.3333
Stateline Speedway EDON OH USA DO 0.1667
Stateline Stadium POST FALLS ID USA PO 0.2500
Steele County Fairgrounds OWATONNA MN USA DO 0.5000
Stony Brook Speedway STOYSTOWN PA USA DO 0.2500
Stuart Speedway STUART IA USA DO 0.2500
Sturup Raceway HOLLVIKEN DENMARK RC 1.3260
Sugar Hill Speedway WEARE NH USA PO 0.2000
Summit Point Motorsports Park CHARLES TOWN WV USA RC 1.0000
Summit Point Motorsports Park CHARLES TOWN WV USA RC 1.5000
Summit Point Motorsports Park CHARLES TOWN WV USA RC 2.0000
Summit Point Motorsports Park CHARLES TOWN WV USA RC 2.2000
Summit Raceway ELKO NV USA DO 0.2500
Sumter County Motorsports Park BUSHNELL FL USA DO 0.1250
Sumter Speedway SUMTER SC USA DO 0.3750
Sun Valley Speedway VERNON BC CDN PO 0.5000
Sundance Vacations Speedway ST. JOHNS PA USA PO 0.3333
Sunny South Raceway GRAND BAY AL USA PO 0.2500
Sunset Speedway
Sunset Speedway BANKS OR USA DO 0.3333
Sunset Speedway STROUD ON CDN PO 0.3750
Super Bowl Speedway GREENVILLE TX USA DO 0.2500
Superior Speedway SUPERIOR WI USA DO 0.3750
Susquehanna Speedway Park NEWBERRYTOWN PA USA DO 0.4000
Suzuka Grand Prix Circuit SUZUKA CITY JAPAN RC 3.6080
Suzuka West Circuit SUZUKA CITY JAPAN RC 2.1540
Swainsboro Raceway SWAINSBORO GA USA DO 0.3750
Sweet Springs Motorsports Complex SWEET SPRINGS MO USA DO 0.1667
Sweetwater Speedway ROCK SPRINGS WY USA DO 0.3750
Sycamore Speedway SYCAMORE IL USA DO 0.2500
Sycamore Speedway SYCAMORE IL USA DO 0.5000
Talladega Grand Prix Raceway TALLADEGA AL USA RC 1.4000
Talladega Short Track TALLADEGA AL USA DO 0.3333
Talladega Superspeedway TALLADEGA AL USA PO 2.6666
Tanacross Airport TOK AK USA TRC 1.5000
Taylor Speedway FORT ST. JOHN BC CDN DO 0.3750
Tazewell Speedway TAZEWELL TN USA DO 0.3333
Terrace Speedway TERRACE BC CDN PO 0.3750
Terre Haute Action Track TERRE HAUTE IN USA DO 0.5000
Texana Raceway Park EDNA TX USA DO 0.3125
Texarkana 67 Speedway TEXARKANA AR USA DO 0.2500
Texas DIRT Motorplex WINONA TX USA DO 0.3750
Texas Motor Speedway FORT WORTH TX USA PO 1.5000
Texas Motor Speedway FORT WORTH TX USA DO 0.4000
Texas Motor Speedway FORT WORTH TX USA RC 2.3240
Texas Thunder Speedway KILLEEN TX USA DO 0.2500
Texas World Speedway BRYAN TX USA RC 1.8000
Texas World Speedway BRYAN TX USA RC 2.9000
Texoma Motor Speedway WICHITA FALLS TX USA DO 0.2000
Thirty-Four Raceway WEST BURLINGTON IA USA DO 0.3750
Thomas County Speedway COLBY KS USA DO 0.3750
Thompson International Speedway THOMPSON CT USA PO 0.5000
Thunder Mountain Speedway GLENWOOD AR USA DO 0.2500
Thunder Mountain Speedway CENTER LISLE NY USA DO 0.3333
Thunder Mountain Speedway BOTTINEAU ND USA DO 0.2500
Thunder Mountain Speedway KNOX DALE PA USA DO 0.3750
Thunder Raceway SHOW LOW AZ USA DO 0.2500
Thunder Road International Speedbowl BARRE VT USA PO 0.2500
Thunder Valley Raceway SALEM IN USA DO 0.2000
Thunder Valley Raceway GWINN MI USA PO 0.2500
Thunder Valley Raceway CENTRAL CITY PA USA DO 0.5000
Thunder Valley Speedway WINFIELD AL USA DO 0.2500
Thunder Valley Speedway GLENMORA LA USA DO 0.3750
Thunderbird Raceway MUSKEGON MI USA DO 0.3750
Thunderbowl Raceway TULARE CA USA DO 0.3333
Thunderhill Raceway SUMMERTOWN TN USA DO 0.2500
Thunderhill Raceway KYLE TX USA PO 0.3750
Thunderhill Raceway STURGEON BAY WI USA DO 0.3333
Thunderhill Raceway Park WILLOWS CA USA RC 1.7000
Thunderhill Raceway Park WILLOWS CA USA RC 1.8000
Thunderhill Raceway Park WILLOWS CA USA RC 3.0000
Thunderhill Speedway MAYETTA KS USA DO 0.3750
Tisdale Motor Speedway TISDALE SK CDN DO 0.3333
Toccoa Speedway TOCCOA GA USA DO 0.3125
Tokachi Main Circuit KASAI-GUN HOKKAIDO JAPAN RC 3.1640
Tokachi West Circuit KASAI-GUN HOKKAIDO JAPAN RC 1.0560
Toledo SeaGate Centre TOLEDO OH USA PO 0.1000
Toledo Speedway TOLEDO OH USA PO 0.5000
Tomahawk Speedway TOMAHAWK WI USA DO 0.3333
Tonopah Speedway TONOPAH NV USA DO 0.2500
Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach LONG BEACH CA USA TSC 1.9700
Toyota Speedway at Irwindale IRWINDALE CA USA PO 0.5000
Trail-Way Speedway HANOVER PA USA DO 0.3333
Travelers Rest Speedway TRAVELERS REST SC USA DO 0.3750
Tri-City Speedway PONTOON BEACH IL USA DO 0.3750
Tri-City Speedway FRANKLIN PA USA DO 0.5000
Tri-County Motor Speedway HUDSON NC USA PO 0.4000
Tri-County Racetrack BRASSTOWN NC USA DO 0.3330
Tri-State Speedway HAUBSTADT IN USA DO 0.2500
Tri-State Speedway POCOLA OK USA DO 0.3750
Tsukuba TSUKUBA JAPAN RC 1.2710
Tucson Raceway Park TUCSON AZ USA PO 0.3750
Tulsa Expo Raceway TULSA OK USA DO 0.2500
Twin Cities Raceway Park NORTH VERNON IN USA DO 0.3750
Twin City Raceway KENAI AK USA DO 0.3750
Twin State Speedway CLAREMONT NH USA PO 0.3330
Tyler County Speedway MIDDLEBOURNE WV USA DO 0.2500
U.S. 36 Raceway CAMERON MO USA DO 0.3750
Ukiah Speedway UKIAH CA USA PO 0.2500
Union County Speedway LIBERTY IN USA DO 0.3750
Unity Raceway UNITY ME USA PO 0.3333
Upper Iowa Speedway DECORAH IA USA DO 0.3330
Uranium Capital Speedway GRANTS NM USA DO 0.3750
US 24 Speedway LOGANSPORT IN USA DO 0.1250
USA Raceway TUCSON AZ USA DO 0.3750
Utica-Rome Speedway VERNON NY USA DO 0.5000
Val de Vienne Main Circuit LE VIGEANT FRANCE RC 2.3340
Val de Vienne Short Circuit A LE VIGEANT FRANCE RC 1.3670
Val de Vienne Short Circuit B LE VIGEANT FRANCE RC 1.1840
Valencia Grand Prix Circuit CHESTE VALENCIA SPAIN RC 2.4890
Valentine Speedway GLENROCK WY USA DO 0.2500
Vallelunga ROME ITALY RC 2.5380
Valley Speedway GRAIN VALLEY MO USA DO 0.3300
Varano Long Circuit VARANO ITALY RC 1.4760
Varano Short Circuit VARANO ITALY RC 1.1190
Varney Motor Speedway DURHAM ON CDN PO 0.2500
Ventura Raceway VENTURA CA USA DO 0.2000
Vermilion County Speedway DANVILLE IL USA DO 0.2500
Victorville Auto Raceway VICTORVILLE CA USA DO 0.3750
Virginia International Raceway DANVILLE VA USA RC 1.1000
Virginia International Raceway DANVILLE VA USA RC 1.6500
Virginia International Raceway DANVILLE VA USA RC 2.2000
Virginia International Raceway DANVILLE VA USA RC 3.2700
Virginia Motor Speedway SALUDA VA USA DO 0.5000
Volunteer Speedway BULLS GAP TN USA DO 0.4000
Volusia Speedway Park BARBERVILLE FL USA DO 0.5000
Wagner Speedway WAGNER SD USA DO 0.3750
Wake County Speedway RALEIGH NC USA PO 0.2500
WaKeeney Speedway WaKEENEY KS USA DO 0.3750
Wakefield Park Long Circuit GOULBURN NSW AUSTRALIA RC 1.3670
Wakefield Park Medium Circuit GOULBURN NSW AUSTRALIA RC 0.7460
Wall Stadium BELMAR NJ USA PO 0.3333
Wanneroo Barbagallo Long Circuit WANNEROO WA AUSTRALIA RC 1.4980
Wanneroo Barbagallo Short Circuit WANNEROO WA AUSTRALIA RC 1.0940
Warren County Speedway INDIANOLA IA USA DO 0.2500
Wartburg Speedway WARTBURG TN USA DO 0.3333
Washington Speedway WASHINGTON KS USA DO 0.2000
Washington Town & Country Fairgrounds WASHINGTON MO USA DO 0.1250
Waterford Hills Road Racing WATERFORD MI USA RC 1.5000
Waterford Speedbowl WATERFORD CT USA PO 0.3750
Watermelon Capital Speedway CORDELE GA USA PO 0.3750
Watkins Glen Internatiional WATKINS GLEN NY USA RC 2.4500
Wavelink Raceway Park WAVERLY NE USA DO 0.1250
Waycross Motor Speedway WAYCROSS GA USA DO 0.5000
Wayne County Speedway WAYNE CITY IL USA DO 0.1250
Wayne County Speedway ORRVILLE OH USA DO 0.3750
Waynesfield Motor Sports Park WAYNESFIELD OH USA DO 0.2500
Welkom Phakisa Grand Prix Circuit WELKOM SOUTH AFRICA RC 2.6360
Welkom Phakisa Oval WELKOM SOUTH AFRICA PO 1.5000
Welkom Phakisa Short Circuit WELKOM SOUTH AFRICA RC 1.9880
Wenatchee Valley Super Oval EAST WENATCHEE WA USA PO 0.2500
West Georgia Speedway WHITESBURG GA USA DO 0.3750
West Liberty Raceway WEST LIBERTY IA USA DO 0.5000
West Plains Motor Speedway WEST PLAINS MO USA DO 0.3750
West Siloam Speedway WEST SILOAM SPRINGS OK USA DO 0.2500
West Tennessee Motor Speedway LEXINGTON TN USA DO 0.4375
Western Kentucky Speedway MADISONVILLE KY USA DO 0.3750
Western Speedway VICTORIA BC CDN PO 0.4000
Westminster Speedway WESTMINSTER SC USA DO 0.4000
Weston County Raceway NEWCASTLE WY USA DO 0.2000
Whip City Speedway WESTFIELD MA USA DO 0.2500
Whiskey Lake Raceway JUNCTION CITY KS USA DO 0.3750
White Mountain Motorsports Park NORTH WOODSTOCK NH USA PO 0.2500
White Sands Speedway TULAROSA NM USA DO 0.3750
Whittemore Speedway WHITTEMORE MI USA PO 0.2500
Whynot Motorsports Park MERIDIAN MS USA DO 0.3000
Wild Bill’s Raceway EPHRAUM TX USA DO 0.3750
Willamette Speedway LEBANON OR USA DO 0.2500
Willard Speedway WILLARD KY USA DO 0.2500
Williams Grove Speedway MECHANICSBURG PA USA DO 0.5000
Williston Basin Speedway WILLISTON ND USA DO 0.3330
Willow Springs International Motorsports Park ROSAMOND CA USA RC 2.5000
Wilmot Raceway WILMOT WI USA DO 0.3333
Wilson’s Motorsports Track WETUMPKA AL USA DO 0.2000
Winchester Speedway WINCHESTER IN USA PO 0.5000
Winchester Speedway WINCHESTER VA USA DO 0.3750
Winder Barrow Speedway WINDER GA USA DO 0.3750
Windy Hollow Speedway OWENSBORO KY USA DO 0.3750
Winnemucca Regional Raceway WINNEMUCCA NV USA DO 0.3330
Winston Speedway ROTHBURY MI USA DO 0.3750
Wiscasset Raceway WISCASSET ME USA PO 0.3333
Wisconsin International Raceway KAUKAUNA WI USA PO 0.5000
Wishek Tri-County Speedway WISHEK ND USA DO 0.2500
Wonderland Speedway LAMBETH ON CDN DO 0.1250
Woodhull Raceway WOODHULL NY USA DO 0.3333
Wyalusing Valley Motorsports Park WYALUSING PA USA DO 0.2000
Wyoming County Fairgrounds MESHOPPEN PA USA DO 0.2500
Wyoming County International Speedway PERRY NY USA PO 0.3333
Wythe Raceway WYTHEVILLE VA USA DO 0.5000
Yakima Speedway YAKIMA WA USA PO 0.5000
Yas Marina BAHRAIN RC 3.3330
Yellowhead International Speedway YELLOWHEAD SK CDN DO 0.3750
Zandvoort Club Circuit ZANDVOORT NETHERLANDS RC 1.5650
Zandvoort Grand Prix Circuit ZANDVOORT NETHERLANDS RC 2.6760
Zandvoort National Circuit ZANDVOORT NETHERLANDS RC 1.8090
Zephyrhills Antique Car Raceway ZEPHYRHILLS FL USA DO 0.3333