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About ARA

About Auto Racing Analysis

Since 1983, Auto Racing Analysis has been providing its services to the motorsports community.  ARA’s extensive database resources covering national and international motorsports competition – as well as a vast reference library of publications and microfilm resources – allow Auto Racing Analysis to provide a wide range of analysis and research.  Auto Racing Analysis combines the best of both worlds: insightful analysis of current racing events is combined with an unmatched historical perspective, putting current racing events into context as part of a continuum of racing history.  The Auto Racing Analysis website also features coverage of automotive collectibles, reviews of racing, manufacturer, and dealership websites, and other subjects of interest to automotive enthusiasts.


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ARA fully complies with FTC rules for bloggers.  When an item is supplied to us at no charge, we will clearly indicate that fact in our review. Advertising and product links do not influence our opinions.

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