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1961 Ford Galaxie Promo Review

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This 1961 Ford Galaxie promo was produced for Ford Motor Company and offered to the public as part of a sales promotion through magazine advertisements.  The advertisement invited you to mail in a clip out coupon to receive a special Ford brochure.  Included in the brochure was a coupon to receive a free model car of your choice (several models were offered).  The coupon was to be presented to a dealer for the dealer to forward to the factory.  In theory the customer presenting the coupon was intended to take a test drive but in practice we found the dealers to be very cooperative and willing to just forward the coupons.  Thirty to forty-five days later the model arrived by mail.

The model depicts a 1961 Ford Galaxie Club Victoria two door hardtop.  The exterior is powder blue with a powder blue interior with dark blue seat inserts.  The model features a detail level superior to many promos.  The chrome inserts on each side are appropriately painted.  The taillights are separate red plastic lenses.  The detailed undercarriage features specification information such as “4000 miles between oil changes,” “galvanized rocker panels beneath doors,” “wide contoured safety-type frame,” and other descriptive phrases.  The build quality is excellent and the model suffered no warpage.  Dimensions are eight inches in length, slightly over three inches width, and a height of 2.125 inches.

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