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1959 Ford Ranchero Promo Review


A 1959 Ford Ranchero is the subject of this promo model review.  This Ranchero’s exterior is Colonial White over Geranium; the interior is white with geranium seat inserts.  The Ranchero was a retail hobby shop purchase.  The undercarriage is metal with a friction flywheel.  The taillights feature appropriately red-painted lens representations.  The truck bed is prototypically ribbed.  The build quality of the model is fairly good but the front axle is placed a bit too far forward and the right side suffered some warpage causing it to bow inward at the door area.

The model is 8.25 inches in length, three inches wide, and 2.25 inches tall.

The Ranchero was introduced in 1957; 1959 was the final year of the Ranchero based on the full-sized Ford.  The Ranchero switched to the compact Falcon bodystyle from 1960 through 1966 and moved to the midsize Fairlane (later Torino) platform in 1967.  The final iteration, 1977-1979, was based on the Thunderbird platform.

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