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Dirt Late Model Spotlight: Dale McDowell


The first ARA Dirt Late Model Spotlight subject is Dale McDowell.  McDowell has two major series championship titles and 108 major dirt late model race wins from 1989 through 2009.  In fact, McDowell has scored at least one such win every year beginning with 1989, a streak of twenty-one (21) consecutive racewinning seasons!

McDowell scored his first Southern All-Stars series win in 1989 and his first UDTRA Hav-A-Tampa series win in 1990.  In 1994 he won the Southern All-Stars series title, scoring eight race wins along the way including a four-race win streak encompassing all three September races and the October 1 race at Cleveland, Tennessee!  In 1995 he added a win in the STARS series to his usual menu of UDTRA and Southern All-Stars victories.  From 1996 through 1998 McDowell posted an additional eleven UDTRA and Southern All-Stars wins.

McDowell won the 1999 UDTRA Hav-A-Tampa Series Championship title; he also led the series with six wins in the 40-race season, one more than Scott Bloomquist’s five victories.

In 2000 McDowell scored a victory under UMP sanction and won the Bristol UDTRA race.  In 2001 Dale won the Bluegrass Nationals at Kentucky Lake.  He ranked second in UDTRA points in 2002.  In 2004 McDowell scored his first World of Outlaws victory.  He also won the James King Memorial at Columbus and the Topless 100 at Batesville.  His 2005 highlight was victory in the Eldora World 100.  2006 featured a NARA victory at East Bay and triumph in the National 100 at East Alabama.  McDowell added the Tennessee Thunder series to his victory resume in 2007 and the Southern Regional Racing Series in 2008.  2009 featured two NARA Lucas Late Model race wins en route to fourth in 2009 Lucas points and a Carolina Clash win.

Dale McDowell Race Victories

09/03/89 Southern All-Stars Talladega Short Track
10/07/89 Southern All-Stars Cleveland TN
09/01/90 UDTRA Cleveland TN
06/15/91 S A-S / UDTRA Cleveland TN
03/28/92 Southern All-Stars Cleveland TN
03/21/93 UDTRA Atomic TN
03/21/93 Southern All-Stars Atomic TN
06/04/93 S A-S / UDTRA Smoky Mountain
07/31/93 S A-S / UDTRA Dixie
03/19/94 Southern All-Stars Green Valley
04/23/94 Southern All-Stars Seven Flags
05/15/94 Southern All-Stars Moulton
07/03/94 Southern All-Stars Duck River
08/11/94 UDTRA Crossville
09/03/94 Southern All-Stars Cleveland TN
09/04/94 Southern All-Stars Duck River
09/05/94 Southern All-Stars Sugar Creek
10/01/94 Southern All-Stars Cleveland TN
03/19/95 STARS Atomic TN
07/02/95 Southern All-Stars Duck River
07/04/95 Southern All-Stars Talladega Short Track
07/07/95 Southern All-Stars Thunder Mountain
07/09/95 Southern All-Stars Moulton
08/12/95 UDTRA Cleveland TN
09/02/95 Southern All-Stars Cleveland TN
10/14/95 Southern All-Stars Cleveland TN
07/04/96 Southern All-Stars Moulton
07/05/96 Southern All-Stars Green Valley
07/06/96 Southern All-Stars Cleveland TN
08/03/96 Southern All-Stars North Georgia
08/10/96 Southern All-Stars Cleveland TN
09/01/96 Southern All-Stars Duck River
03/08/97 Volunteer
03/09/97 Volunteer
03/28/97 UDTRA Super Bee
08/31/97 Southern All-Stars Duck River
11/23/97 Southern All-Stars Cleveland TN
06/19/98 UDTRA Kentucky Lake
06/20/98 UDTRA Paducah
02/13/99 UDTRA Volusia County
02/28/99 UDTRA Dixie
03/26/99 Southern All-Stars Cleveland TN
04/17/99 UDTRA Rome
04/24/99 UDTRA Thunder Valley
05/08/99 Tennessee Motor Speedway
05/15/99 UDTRA Batesville
07/27/99 Southern All-Stars Tennessee Motor Speedway
10/03/99 UDTRA Dixie
06/02/00 UMP Farmer City race 2
06/03/00 UDTRA Bristol
07/01/00 Southern All-Stars Cleveland TN
07/16/00 UDTRA Rome
07/25/00 Southern All-Stars Tennessee Motor Speedway
09/30/00 North Georgia
03/11/01 Southern All-Stars Green Valley
06/22/01 STARS Cedar Lake
08/04/01 UDTRA Cedar Lake
10/13/01 UDTRA Dixie
11/03/01 Kentucky Lake Bluegrass Nationals
04/19/02 UDTRA Lancaster SC
05/03/02 UDTRA Scenic Raceway
05/14/02 UDTRA Kankakee
05/18/02 UDTRA / NCRA Eagle
05/20/02 UDTRA Dakota FG SD
06/28/02 UDTRA Nebraska Rwy Pk
07/03/02 UDTRA Muskingum County
08/10/02 UDTRA 311 Speedway
09/28/02 UDTRA Rome GA
11/23/02 Southern All-Stars Cleveland TN
11/30/02 North Georgia
03/22/03 North Georgia
05/20/03 UDTRA West Liberty
06/27/03 UDTRA Crossville
11/22/03 Southern All-Stars Cleveland TN
03/14/04 WoO Atomic
03/20/04 North Georgia
04/03/04 Columbus James King Memorial
04/16/04 WoO / SUPR Lone Star
05/22/04 Southern All-Stars Cleveland TN
06/19/04 WoO Thunder Valley
07/03/04 WoO Portsmouth Raceway Park
07/31/04 WoO Tri-State
08/13/04 WoO Lernerville
08/21/04 Batesville Topless 100
03/19/05 Southern All-Stars Cleveland
04/16/05 North Georgia
05/20/05 WoO Brushcreek
08/06/05 WoO Cedar Lake
09/10/05 UMP Eldora World 100
09/23/05 WoO Kentucky Lake
02/08/06 NARA East Bay
11/05/06 East Alabama National 100
04/28/07 Southern All-Stars Talladega ST
07/03/07 Tennessee Thunder Green Valley
10/20/07 Cleveland TN
11/10/07 North Georgia
02/24/08 Green Valley crate race
04/25/08 SRRS Crossville
05/10/08 Tennessee Thunder Mountain Rwy Park
09/20/08 SRRS Duck River
10/18/08 Cleveland TN
10/19/08 Tennessee Thunder Mountain Rwy Park
05/15/09 NARA Paducah
07/04/09 NARA Volunteer
10/08/09 Cleveland TN
10/24/09 Carolina Clash 311 Fastrack
11/14/09 Cleveland TN
11/15/09 Southern All-Stars Cherokee

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