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Porsche Dealership Diorama

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This diorama depicts a fictional Porsche dealership.  The Christmas season is upon us and the dealership features a “front line” of vehicles bedecked with holiday ribbons led by a Porsche Cayenne Turbo SUV.  Displayed just outside the showroom are a Porsche Carrera RS 2.7, a Porsche Cup racer, and a classic red Porsche Turbo.  The showroom features a Boxster, a Cayman, and a Carrera GT roadster supercar.  A lineup of new Porsches fronts the showroom, including Cayenne Turbo Suv, Boxster, Boxster S, Carrera GT, Cayman, and 911 Carrera models.

A job for the service department is arriving on a rollback.  An Allied Systems Auto Carrier is delivering some additional preowned inventory.  The dealership is fairly busy, with at least three customers walking the lot.  Two couples, one in a vintage Volkswagen Beetle, the other in a New Beetle, have just completed their visits.

Our Porsche dealership carries a select inventory of preowned Porsches as well as preowned vehicles from other manufacturers.  The preowned Porsche selection includes classic Speedsters, two 914 convertibles, and a 928 S4.  A variety of other manufacturers are represented, with a variety of Audi, BMW, and Mercedes models joined by a 2005 Ford Thunderbird, a 2002 Pontiac Firebird, a Dodge Viper, a Jaguar XJS convertible, a Mini Cooper, a Volkswagen Touareg, a classic 1972 Alfa Romeo 1300 Spider Junior convertible, and a 2003 Maserati Quattroporte.

Adjacent to the dealership is a very picturesque farm featuring a large barn, a blacksmith’s stable and a smaller stable.  Livestock including horses and cows are feeding at the feeding stations.  A pickup truck with a horse trailer is loading a horse for transport.  John Deere equipment is a mainstay of the farm; the tractor models include a 6420 and the very large 9620.  A John Deere 7700 combine and a Ford F850 Grain Truck are also on the premises.  The farmer’s collection of classic farm tractors includes a steel wheel unit.  A 2008 Massey Ferguson MF8480 Tractor has recently been added to the farm’s workforce.

The dealership building is a pre-assembled plastic model also referred to in the model industry as a “built-up” from Vollmer in Germany, a major maker of model products including structures and vehicles.  The dealership is prototypically accurate as one can verify by visiting any number of similar actual Porsche dealerships or dealership websites.  The sign provided for the dealership is labeled Porsche Zentrum Stuttgart.  The building is fairly large, with a footprint of 10.625 inches by 7.5 inches and a height of 3.125 inches.  The roof is removable, allowing the easy placement of vehicles in the showroom and service area.  A wide range of hobby shop internet sites worldwide sell the Vollmer dealership.

The dealership model cars are plastic models or diecast models from a wide variety of model manufacturers: Bub, Herpa, Malibu, Model Power, Revell Mini Exacts, Ricko, Schuco, and Wiking.  ARA will be publishing individual reviews of these HO scale model vehicles in the future.  The prototypically exact Allied Systems Auto Carrier (with a Ford Aeromax cab) was made by Lone Star Models; the trailer is constructed of brass and is likely the most sophisticated HO vehicle model ever made.  The Chevrolet Nomad with travel trailer on the roadway is a Woodland Scenics product.  The large Fed Ex truck on the roadway is a Model Power product.

Busch (a German model product manufacturer) was the source for the colorful green hedge surrounding the dealership  as well as the roadway and dealership lot surface.  Their “parking area” products can be arranged in a variety of configurations to produce the desired layout.  The trees are a Busch product as well.

The farm’s large barn is a pre-assembled “built up” plastic model manufactured by Model Power and designated Deluxe Barn #490-592.  The barn we refer to as the blacksmith’s stable is also a Model Power “built-up” referred to simply as Barn #490-567.  These products are available from hobby shop internet sides worldwide.  The small two-store horse stable and the feeding stations are Boley products; these products may not be currently available.  The farm vehicle model manufacturers include Athearn, Boley, and Siku.

The snow is a mixture of equal parts matte medium, titanium white paint and modeling paste and the mixture is applied with a brush.

Here’s what things look like on a really stormy day:

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