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1958 Chevrolet Corvette Diecast Model Review

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ARA’s first Diecast Model Review features the MotorMax 1958 Chevrolet Corvette convertible.  This Silver Blue convertible with matching interior and silver bodyside cove is a very accurate model of the redesigned 1958 Corvette.  1958 was the first year the Corvette featured quad headlights and bumpers secured to the frame.  Compared to the 1957 model, the grille was larger, with a more aggressive appearance, surrounded by scoops.  More chrome was utilized, including two chrome strips on the trunk (removed in 1959).  Simulated louvers were added to the hood (and removed in 1959).  Sales rose to 9168 units; 2006 were in the Silver Blue depicted on this MotorMax model.

An outstanding level of detail is apparent on the MotorMax model, from the hood and trunk insignia to the antenna placement.  The interior depiction is accurate, with the correct seat, dashboard (including the passenger grab bar), steering wheel, console, and door features.  Exterior details such as the side mirror placement are correct.  The trunk opens to a detailed cargo space.  The hood opens to reveal a detailed engine.  The taillights are appropriately hued and detailed; the headlights feature separate plastic lenses with an appropriate glass-like appearance.  The undercarriage features a detailed exhaust system.  An exhaustive review of photographs of real 1958 Chevrolet Corvettes indicates that the only visible feature missing is the trunk keyhole!

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