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Auto racing-themed websites continue to proliferate, and is pleased to be the latest to join the list.  ARA has enjoyed perusing literally thousands of racing websites throughout the last decade, the sites ranging in content from a few pages posted by the fan of a particular driver, venue, or type of racing to the most popular, highly-contented, commercial sites.  ARA will review racing websites of all types, focusing on each site’s design, utility, and theme.

As in any field of endeavor, there are pathfinders and pacesetters, and the subject of our first racing website review,, is both a pathfinder and pacesetter.  The Jayski site was “born on” August 26, 1996 and thus was a pathfinder in the development of website coverage of auto racing.  The About Jayski section explains the Why and Who of Jayski in his own words; Jayski is a NASCAR Sprint Cup fan and focuses on Sprint Cup with excellent sections on the Nationwide Series and the Camping World Truck Series as well. is the best one-stop site for information on these series and is an at least once per day viewing necessity for NASCAR fans. is currently owned and served by ESPN but run by Jayski.  In ARA’s opinion, the assumption of ownership by ESPN had no negative effect on the site and it has remained a pacesetter in providing timely and straightforward news and informative links to a wide range of other media sites.  In essence, Jayski looks it up so you don’t have to.  You’ll rarely miss a major media news story because Jayski will link to it.

The site design remains straightforward and reflective of the Jayski personality.  The format is simple and makes navigation easy.  The homepage navigation bar is sectioned by Sprint Cup, Nationwide, Camping World, News/Info, Paint Schemes, Stats, TV/Media, Cars, Tributes, Jayski Stuff, Schedules, Tracks, Links, and Teams.

A quick check of Jayski makes it easy to stay up-to-date.  Just click on “Latest Sprint Cup News & Rumors” and you have the latest breaking news; each story has a summary link if you’re in a hurry and want to move directly to the subject.  If you have more time, a check of the Article/Column/Blog/Podcast Links directs you to the latest articles.  If you’re preparing yourself for the next race, check the Race Resources section.  If you are interested in the Nationwide or Truck racing news, check their sections.  The Race Track News section allows you to follow the news from each track, including the business issues often important to racing.  A TV listing sidebar provides a good NASCAR TV schedule.

There are probably few NASCAR fans with computer access unfamiliar with but some racing fans not NASCAR-oriented may not have it bookmarked.  This can be a mistake, as the Jayski site covers the interaction between NASCAR and other forms of motorsports, an intersection especially important when drivers cross disciplines.  If you are a new racing fan, Jayski is a great place to start to learn about NASCAR.

In 1996 Jayski decided what he wanted to do; he has remained true to his vision and consistent in pursuing his website’s theme and maximing its utility.

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