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A wide range of automotive enthusiast websites is available for the edification of car fans worldwide.  ARA will review such websites, focusing on each site’s utility, topicality and theme.

ARA’s first automotive enthusiast website review subject is  The review was conducted on Wednesday afternoon January 27, 2010.

Autoblog’s motto is “We Obsessively Cover The Auto Industry” and the site lives up to the motto.  The design of the site is straightforward, with a blog format of stories in chronological.  posted order.  At 4:00 PM on January 27, the lead story was “The Fix is In: Toyota reportedly has replacement pedals ready to go” plus a Breaking News sidebar “Report: Toyota to take pedal recall global.”  Next up were stories on the Carlsson GT, Saab and Spyker with videos, the Vauxhall and Renault launch of a new van, and a story on the 2011 Ford Shelby Mustang GT500.  This small sampling of the lead stories illustrates the variety of subjects covers.

The homepage also has links to Autoblog Reviews, Auto Show coverage, and Autoblog Green.  A Browse function allows the user to access car brand information by Make/Model or Type/Style.  Featured links are “By the Numbers” with updated monthly sales figures for every brand; Autoline on Autoblog with weekly editorials by John McElroy (best known for the SPEED TV program of the same name); and Autoblog on Twitter.  Autoblog also provides the Daily U-Turn, a “What you missed today” feature, and Podcasts.  A link of Featured Galleries of photography is a prominent feature of the homepage.

The Autoblog writing style is generally straightforward and conversational; the reader is provided a good introduction to the topic early on in each article, allowing the reader to determine quickly if the subject is of sufficient interest to read on or jump to the provided link.  Autoblog does not hesitate to cite and link to other sources and the reader thus can count on the site to expand not only one’s knowledge of the subject matter but also to add to the reader’s menu of website sources!

If you are interested in automobiles in any way, Autoblog is one of the sites you need to check daily.

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